Mahta is selected for Scale Up by Endeavor

Photo: Daniel Pinheiro/Disclosure Mahta

Endeavour's Scale Up program, which drives companies through a personalized acceleration journey, in direct connection with a network made up of major entrepreneurship references in Brazil, selected Mahta, a company in the AMAZ portfolio, for the first cycle semester of 2024. The program is the gateway to becoming an Endeavor network entrepreneur. 

“Almost all of the best startups in Brazil were part of Endeavour's Scale Up program. Then, in the future – you need to grow a lot for this – companies go through a filter, which is global, and only around 10 or 15 in the world, usually two or three from Brazil, effectively become Endeavor entrepreneurs. Brazil today has ten unicorns, and nine are from Endeavour. In this Scale Up cycle, Mahta is the only consumer products company. As the main criteria for evaluating and approving the program are results, growth and, especially, growth potential, most startups are made up of fintechs, puretechs (pure technology) or B2B, the focus of much of the investment. We were an exception, which for us is a double honor,” analyzes Max Petrucci, founding partner of Mahta.

Petrucci, who has even been a mentor at Endeavor for a decade, highlights the importance of this moment for Mahta: “Being part of this process is very important for us, especially because of the endorsement. Being selected among the best 40 startups in Brazil is incredible. And we are proud to be at Endeavor and to be part of AMAZ. A bridge that we can even help build, because today these two universes are far apart. The reality of the Endeavor entrepreneur is very different from the reality of the AMAZ entrepreneur, and vice versa. Both initiatives are very good, and I hope we can generate closer ties between these two worlds”, he adds. 

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