river transport in the Amazon region

Optimizing river transport in the Amazon region, facilitating access to information on freight and passenger transport, is the focus of NavegAM. Founded in 2019, the startup develops a platform for managing data and various logistical information, such as number of people, prices, sales per branch, stocking controls, etc. The solution is focused on river transport in the Amazon, but it also has functionalities for road transport in the region. 

The initiative consists of an internal module for vessels to manage information about ticket sales and an application to make sales, both on the vessel itself and at the agencies that offer these tickets. It currently serves eight locomotion vessels and one cargo transport vessel, a number that should increase in the short and medium term.

“NavegAM is not just a system for selling tickets and river freight. We will be big data, a system in which people can access all kinds of information, whether it's the tourism sector, the logistics sector, the teacher who needs to know how the river is, a tourist who wants to plan a trip to the Amazon, anyway. Everything we collect over the years will be made available to the public in a large information center.”– Geferson Oliveira, CEO of Navegam


City State

Manaus - AM



nature of business

Limited society


B2B, B2C and B2G


Geferson Oliveira, Jorge Alves and Hélio Souza

Team Size:

10 people



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 812,550.00

what solves

It intelligently manages the vessel process (freight, tickets and orders), automating vessel operations and providing transparency to processes in the river sector in the north of the country.


Increased income for river ticket sellers, control and management for shipowners and intelligent fuel consumption by vessels.


Online ticket sales and management system, vessel position monitoring and Cargo transportation system.

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