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positive environmental and social impact for communities in the interior of the Amazon

The founders of Prátika Engenharia saw an opportunity in a sector that is growing in the country and at the same time generates a positive environmental and social impact for communities in the interior of the Amazon: solar energy. 

Created in 2019, the company seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of electricity production in indigenous communities and isolated quilombolas in the northern channel of the state of Pará, replacing the use of diesel-powered electric generators (expensive and very polluting fossil fuel) with solar panels . To serve local populations, installment payment for the product is frequent and very friendly. Beneficiaries have a return on investment in about 14 months.

“Things that seem very natural in the city, such as drinking cold water, are not a reality for riverside dwellers, because when there is diesel power, as it is expensive, the freezer does not stay on all day. Providing this quality of life for communities is important. We even have a client who, after installing the solar system, saw an opportunity and started selling cold soda in the community. We go to remote areas, sometimes it takes us two days to get there. We are aware of all this social part of our project. ”Adriano Pantoja, one of the founders of Prátika.


City State

Alto Trombetas, Oriximiná – PA and Manaus – AM



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Adriano Pantoja and Geovani Cordeiro

Team Size:

3 employees



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what solves

Affordable sale and installation of traditional solar panels for the production of electricity in quilombola, riverside and isolated indigenous communities in the Amazon as a way to replace diesel-powered energy generators.


Better quality of life, social inclusion, reduction in CO2 emissions.


Riparian communities, quilombolas and indigenous peoples.

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