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Floresta n/a

regeneration of the Amazon with profitable and sustainable agroforestry

Promote the regeneration of the Amazon through the implementation of Agroforestry in degraded areas, improving the income of small producers and keeping the forest standing.

This is the proposal of Floresta S/A, a spin-off of the company Radix SA that seeks to recover degraded areas with an innovative model: using resources from sponsors interested in preserving and regenerating the Amazon, the company selects small producers to implement agroforestry. The company provides technical, commercial and strategic support to the producers and is paid with part of the production.

“We believe that the strength of the community is the engine for economic development in harmony with nature. We connect the provision of ESG services with actions for the implementation and technical assistance of agroforestry systems in degraded areas in the Amazon, allowing resources from large companies and corporations to finance sustainable production and boost family farming.”Thiago Campos, CEO of Floresta S/A


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nature of business

corporation sa


B2B and B2C


Gilberto Derze

Team Size:

5 people



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Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 200 thousand

what solves

Soil degradation and lack of sustainability resulting from intensive agricultural and livestock production often lead to the abandonment of land in the Amazon and the successive opening of new areas, with fires and deforestation. Added to the scarcity of alternative sustainable forest-based chains, this cycle generates high risk and conflict between the conservation of the Amazon Forest and the survival of local communities, with impacts on food security and natural resources. Regenerative systems are capable of generating sustainable profits, in line with socio-environmental conservation.


Degraded areas converted into regenerative systems, carbon sequestration, training of professionals to work with agroforestry, increase in biodiversity, profitability of the model.


Investors - shareholders and funds focused on ESG or a specific bioeconomy theme in the Amazon - and consumers - niches engaged in sustainability and culture, who value regional products and sustainability certifications.

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