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innovative products that popularize Amazonian flavors and provide fair trade

Manawara emerged from a passion for gummy candies and the Amazon. It is a brand of vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free sweets, produced from Amazonian raw materials. It has more than 20 product options, including fruit candies of different flavors, nuts and cookies. Foods such as açaí, guarana, taperebá and cupuaçu are present in jujubes and other vegan products, without gluten or lactose.

In its production chain, the business seeks to value producers from the Amazon region. The guarana used comes from Maués, the nut comes from Assoab (Association of Farmers of Beruri), which operates in Resex Mamirauá. The flour in the cookies comes from Iranduba, the honey from Boa Vista do Ramos, the coconut flour from producers in Acre.

The company has participated in the largest food and beverage fairs in the world and Europe – Anuga and Sial. For Sial, it won the Seal of Innovation in 2020. And it was third in the Brazil Design Awards with packaging developed for fruit candies, also in 2020

“Our intention is to promote an immersion in the world of colors and flavors of the Amazon. That everyone has the possibility of imagining their Amazon through the products we offer. Inside each bullet, in each box, there is a lot of care for nature and the people who live in the forest”Mércio Sena, CEO of Manawara


City State

Iranduba, AM



nature of business

Sociedade Empresaria Ltda


B2B, B2C and Franchising


Mercio Sena Cunha Melo

Team Size:

15 people



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 300 thousand

what solves

It operates considering 3 fronts of socio-environmental problems: Devastation of the Amazon rainforest by traditional extractive model; Low living conditions of indigenous and traditional communities in the forest, unfair trade intermediated by middlemen; Low development of extractive chains and need to deepen innovation in products to generate attractiveness and interest of the consumer public.


Product development involving extractive chains;
1% of annual net income directed to impactful projects and initiatives in the rural Amazon; Production chain based on fair trade with community suppliers; Strengthening of production chains based on training to gain efficiency and quality; Financial support for initiatives that promote the development of traditional communities.


According to consultancy Tridge, the sweets market is valued at 11.73 billion dollars. Brazil is the 20th largest exporter, with a 1.32% of the world market share. In the definition of APEX and Brasil Sweets e Snacks, Manawara products are classified in the category “caramels, confections, drops, pastilles and similar products, without cocoa”. This segment grew 30.2% from 2021 to 2022, considering the domestic market.

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