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platform that manages the connection of farmers with the final consumer

Onisafra is a platform that manages the connection of farmers with the final consumer and also enables the creation of multi-stores. Any group of farmers or organizations that help farmers can create their own shop within the platform, and the consumer can buy directly from them.

The GreenBiz Group selected Macaulay Souza, CEO of Onisafra, as one of the 2020 leaders of the "30 under 30" (30 leaders under 30), which brings together, based on global research, emerging leaders from around the world in sectors that are shaping the next generation of sustainable business.

“We work with small and medium-sized farmers, based on fruit, vegetable and vegetable production chains. In the northern region, we also work with the agrobiodiversity chain, which is why we have many native products. We seek to gain scale. We have already seen, with the results so far, that we have the potential to increase these farmers' revenues by up to 30%”.Macaulay Souza de Abreu.


City State

Manaus - AM



nature of business

limited liability company




Macaulay Souza, Rafael Kultemberg and Daniel Bandeira

Team Size:

4 employees



business phase

business organization

Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised


what solves

Marketing bottleneck for family farming products at a fair price.


Valuing and adding value to regional family farming products (Manaus and surroundings), agroecological production and proximity to the producer/customer. Generates from 30% to 40% of increase in family farmer sales and predictability.


System that unites the consumer and the farmer (consuming communities). The solution is software. When buying through Onisafra, the consumer saves from 10% to 20%.

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