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SoulBrasil Cuisine

taste, quality, respect for the consumer and the planet are values that go together

Bringing the Brazilian soul to the kitchen is SoulBrasil Cuisine's proposal. And the company does this in a practical and very unique way, by transforming ingredients such as fruits and peppers from Brazilian biomes, including the Amazon, into sauces and jellies that bring surprising flavors to everyday life. The company carries the Origens Brasil seal on its products, which is a guarantee of fair trade and socio-environmental diversity. And it gives priority to products from small producers, promoting their work.

SoulBrasil was created by Letícia and Peter Feddersen, who, as travelers interested in visiting markets and discovering ingredients that give soul and flavor to the dishes of each country, were bothered by the difficulty in finding, outside Brazil, products that translate the diversity of flavors. of Brazilian cuisine. Since then, SoulBrasil has also become a brand that takes the flag of the country's diversity of flavors and knowledge to the public in other countries. In addition to serving the Brazilian consumer.

“We want to engage Brazilians and take this Brazilianness present in jams and sauces to the world. We want to value our culture and our ingredients, generating income and keeping the forest standing, creating an impact.”Leticia Feddersen


City State

Sao Paulo-SP



nature of business

limited society


B2B, B2C, C2C, B2B2C


Leticia Feddersen and Peter Feddersen

Team Size:

8 employees



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 200 thousand

what solves

The worsening of the problems of the Amazon is reflected in the image that Brazil has around the world, and there is already a boycott movement of Brazilian products linked to deforestation. SoulBrasil shows international consumers products that positively impact people, cooperatives, indigenous communities and that conserve the Amazon.


It offers organic products, which provide health, well-being and knowledge of the flavors of the rich Brazilian socio-biodiversity. Knows and supports initiatives that defend and protect biomes and the people who live in them.


Products with ingredients from Brazilian biomes, including the Amazon, from fruits and peppers in combinations that result in sauces and jellies with unique flavors. Consumers from Brazil and other parts of the world who seek unique flavors in their daily lives in the kitchen.

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