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businesses with a positive social and environmental impact multiply in the Amazon


Brazil's biggest product is the Amazon


there is no way to imagine the long-term conservation of the Amazon forest without a new economy that can replace deforestation

Convergence across Brazil

talking about ESG without acting on deforestation in the Amazon is covering the sun with a sieve

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the giant in us

americas quarterly

NEW AQ: The Case for Sustainable Development in the Amazon

the brazilian report

Tech Roundup: Searching for unicorns in the Amazon


'Green' startups grow with new sales channels

state of sao paulo

'Green' startups grow with new sales channels

Capital Reset

Amaz, the accelerator in search of the Amazon unicorn — and the investors behind it


In search of the Amazon's new unicorn of impact

business season

Live at Um Só Planeta discussed Bioeconomy and new businesses in the Amazon