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transformative expeditions for everyone: travelers, communities and the planet

The social enterprise seeks to act in the country's socio-environmental development in an innovative way, through expeditions that unite extremely profound experiences in the regions with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, with an incredibly rich cultural immersion in traditional indigenous, riverside, quilombola and sertaneja communities. Operating in the Voluntourism, Community-Based Tourism and Community-Based Adventure Tourism verticals, Vivalá is able to develop very rich experiences for all involved.

“We understand sustainable tourism as a gigantic tool with a positive socio-environmental impact. We learned that people can only preserve what they know and value, so being a bridge for people from Brazil and the world to know the areas of greatest biodiversity on the planet is so important. At the same time, we want to act in the conservation of local traditional communities, involving them in our model of experience, ensuring that most of the income is injected into the region, training and empowering these people who are the true guardians of the Amazon.”Daniel Cabrera, CEO of Vivalá


City State

Sao Paulo-SP



nature of business

society ltda


B2C, B2B and B2B2C


Daniel Cabrera and Pedro Gayotto

Team Size:

11 people



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 200 thousand

what solves

On the one hand, travelers seek authentic experiences, in which they can actually get to know fantastic places in Brazil, relate to nature, its traditional population and culture, in addition to having the opportunity to contribute to the socio-environmental development of that region. On the other hand, there is an opportunity to establish sustainable tourism in the country, generating income, better quality of life and dignity for thousands of families.


Resources injected into communities, mentoring of local businesses through volunteer actions and promoting contact with Brazilian conservation units. More than a thousand travelers from ten countries have already been impacted in 81 expeditions carried out.


People who seek authentic experiences of personal and socio-environmental development in the country. Who enjoy nature experiences, want to get involved with local populations, in addition to believing that the culture of traditional communities is extremely rich

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