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First face-to-face workshop of the 2023 AMAZ Acceleration Journey takes place now

From 02/28 to 03/02, the first in-person workshop of the 2023 acceleration journey will take place in Manaus. Entrepreneurs from the five businesses selected for acceleration and investment – Cumbaru, Ekilibre, Impacta Finance, Manawara and Mazô Maná – will gather to review your C Models and Theories of Change and advance the impact matrix, indicators and monitoring.

During the meeting, communication will also be worked on based on the tools mentioned above, construction of narratives and use of data, also suitable for audiences and channels of interest to the business. 

“The first workshop of the 2023 acceleration journey aims to resume the work started in the selection stage, refining the thesis and impact model of the invested businesses based on what we have been working on in recent months. With the construction of an individualized action plan and connecting demands common to the enterprises, face-to-face meetings are essential to co-construct and deepen collective themes, but which require a look at the specificities of each business model", analyzes Gabriela Souza, analyst of AMAZ investments.

The journey began in January, with the holding of the first webinar aimed at connecting businesses and presenting the proposal for the acceleration journey, which will feature individual and collective moments with the aim of helping businesses to develop and improve their needs . 

Follow the unfolding of the workshop on the AMAZ networks. 

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