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AMAZ Call 2024 continues with registrations open until April 12

Photo: Rodrigo Duarte/AMAZ

Accelerator seeks businesses that generate positive impact for the Amazon for acceleration journey and investment of up to R$ 400 thousand

Businesses that generate a positive impact on the Amazon, contributing to keeping the forest standing and at the same time generating income for the region's populations, are on the company's radar. AMAZ impact accelerator

Registration for the 2024 Business Call is open until 12/04 with the aim of finding startups and innovative businesses to be accelerated and receive investment of up to R$ 400 thousand.

Interested parties can register and find out the full rules of the initiative on the page amaz.org.br/chamada2024.

AMAZ seeks businesses that generate a positive impact in the rural and forestry regions of the Amazon, have a product or service already tested on the market and operate or plan to operate in the region.

Startups and companies that are developing impact businesses aimed at forest conservation, biodiversity conservation and socio-environmental development in the Amazon can register.

Initiatives that are already developing activities in a practical and operational way will be considered: prototype developed, in the market test phase; tested product, in the market launch phase; or product launched, in the fundraising or expansion phase.

Sustainable businesses are expected in the following sectors: agriculture, livestock and sustainable rural production; sustainable forest management and production; socio-biodiversity products; reforestation and agroforestry production; sustainable and community-based tourism; food, cosmetics; crafts and sustainable fashion, logistics, communication and financial services; technologic solutions; marketing and market access platforms; education and entrepreneurship with socio-environmental impact; mitigation and adaptation to climate change; carbon and other socio-environmental products and services; treatment of solid waste/pollutants and improving access to water for rural and riverside communities.

In other words, businesses that generate solutions to the main social and environmental problems in the Amazon, seeking to conserve or recover forest areas, value knowledge and biodiversity, generate income and quality of life for rural and riverside communities.

Among the benefits offered by AMAZ are:

  • Impact thesis development and business modeling
  • Workshops and facilitation workshops on topics such as management and impact assessment, market strategies, marketing and communication, logistics, etc.
  • Mentoring and monitoring program 
  • Legal and accounting advice specialized in impact businesses
  • Communication consultancy 
  • Knowledge and management support with follow-up
  • Scholarship and Small Support Program
  • Access to AMAZ's network of investors and partners

“Our expectation for the Call in 2024 is not only to be able to evaluate businesses and learn about interesting businesses that have the purpose of impacting the Amazon, but also to support and facilitate the path to a possible future investment for all businesses. And this involves both the acquisition of knowledge and maturity regarding what is the minimum necessary to carry out this fundraising and even a more advanced business modeling, which includes impact as an important asset”, analyzes Rafael Moreira Ribeiro, responsible for the selection and acceleration of AMAZ.

THE AMAZ impact accelerator is coordinated by Idesam (Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon), and has a hybrid financing fund (blended finance) of R$ 25 million for investment in impact businesses over the next five years, the first focused exclusively on the region.  

Its founders and strategic partners are Fundo Vale, Instituto humanize, ICS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade), Good Energies Foundation, Fundo JBS pela Amazônia and PPA (Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia). It also has a wide network of partners such as Move.Social, Sense-Lab, Mercado Livre, ICE, SBSA Advogados, Climate Ventures and private investors.

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