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ingredients such as cocoa, cupuaçu, açaí, cumarú, soursop, bacuri and taperebá are present in the superfood

Mahta – Nutrição Regenerativa da Floresta is a foodtech that operates in the area of food supplements produced with ingredients predominantly from Amazonian communities. At the same time, it seeks to deliver differentiated nutritional value to consumers, boosting the conservation and regeneration of the Amazon.

Its first product is a powdered superfood that can be consumed as a complement to meals, snacks or light dinner. All product ingredients come from traditional communities and small farmers who operate in agroforestry systems in the Amazon.

"We understand that the regenerative approach is the only possible path from the point of view of the economic model. What we wanted, from the beginning, was a business that produced food that optimized the microbiome - what we eat, our biology - and the macrobiome, which it is the entire socio-environmental fabric of the Amazon.”Max Petrucci, CEO of Mahta


City State

Sao Paulo-SP



nature of business

society ltda




Max Petrucci and Edgard Calfat

Team Size:

4 employees



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 200 thousand

what solves

Toxic food model, nutritionally poor, abundant in sugar, carbohydrates and ultra-processed foods, which generates numerous diseases for humans and the planet. Contributes to reducing deforestation and degradation of the Amazon Forest.


It contributes to keeping the forest standing by using Amazonian ingredients produced by traditional communities and family farmers and acquired through fair trade. And for the improvement of the health of people and family farmers, in Agroforestry Systems, and acquired through fair trade.


People who seek healthy and effective nutrition, food made from pure and nutritious ingredients, in addition to restoring the harmony and balance of the Amazon Forest, building a fair relationship and connection with those who produce the food.

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