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working with local ingredients, creating natural 100% products

Amazon flavors move the spirit of Manioca Brasil, which seeks to connect people to the Amazon through creative and natural foods made from three principles: working with local ingredients, creating natural 100% products and promoting fair trade with producers, communities , cooks who are the basis of Pará cuisine.

Created in 2014 by Joanna Martins, Manioca produces items such as sweet pepper jams, priprioca and taperebá; the cupuaçu candy; the black tucupi sauce and the seasoned tucupi; Jambu flower liqueur and manteiguinha beans, among other items that are processed and sold by Manioca. In addition to valuing products from the Amazon region of Pará, the business contributes to the development of the local production chain and Brazilian gastronomy.

“We currently have 30 suppliers, of which 14 are family farm producers. On average, 40% of our entire purchase comes from family farming. Producers are selected for the quality of their products and their desire to grow. We support these people with training initiatives, access to technologies and guidance to improve product standardization"Joanna Martins, CEO of Manioca


City State

Bethlehem - PA



nature of business

Limited society


B2B, B2B2C and B2C


Joanna Martins and Paulo Monteiro dos Reis

Team Size:

18 employees



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 451,880.00

what solves

It encourages the sale of products from the region – biodiversity and family farming – in order to promote sustainable regional development, valuing the attractions that the forest offers.


Appreciation of local products. Income generation for rural and riverside communities and development of the production chain through fair trade. Development of supplier management system and monitoring of socioeconomic impact indicators for families.


Food products with ingredients from the Amazon – jams, flour, granola, sauces and seasoning – for Food Services and retail outlets focused on the states of SP, PR, PA, RJ, DF and PE.

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