traditional knowledge and science generating maximum value for communities in Terra do Meio and lots of flavor and health for people and the planet

Nourish the world with the abundance and wisdom of the Amazon Forest, through the production and commercialization of super foods from the forest with inputs from sustainable and community extractivism, with a focus on the local, national and export markets. 

This is Mazô Maná's proposal, which also seeks to integrate Payments for Social and Environmental Services models, including carbon, into governance models and local production chains where it establishes partnerships. And equity for forest people associations. Networking, facilitating the communication of the value of the forest and threats through products, to audiences that normally do not access this information.

"When looking at the deforestation map in the Amazon, it is easy to see that where there is a traditional population there is a standing forest! Therefore, Mazô Maná's motivation is to innovate in generating value for the forest and its people, whether through the management of Amazonian food or for the work of conserving the forest and rivers and their ways of life. Here, we believe in an economy of socio-environmental diversity and care for our future."Marcelo Salazar


City State

Altamira, PA



nature of business

Society Ltd


B2B and B2C


Marcelo Salazar and Airam Correa Marçal

Team Size:

8 people



business phase


Year of entry into the program:


Total amount raised

R$ 300 thousand

what solves

Income opportunities for traditional populations and indigenous peoples, as well as well-being and a balanced diet for the end consumer through the development of products with forest peoples, through a fair model from beginning to end – in which these people count with participation in Mazô Maná. In addition to valuing these traditional communities, forests, rivers and their beings, seeking to combat the climate crisis through a new innovative model of doing business in the Amazon.


Terra do Meio Cantina Network: 9 million hectares and 3 thousand people involved in the network; purchasing multiple ingredients; companies influenced in their relationship with the community (changing the community-company relationship model); leverage other resources within communities, especially related to carbon projects and PSSA (Payment for Socio-Environmental Services); bring innovation and R&D to communities in improving the processing of products in local mini-plants, alternatives for school meals and local food; contribute to network governance and interaction with other companies and civil society organizations.


The food supplement market in the meal replacement reached US$ 12 billion in 2022, expected to reach U$S 16 billion in 2028 (Market Data Forecast 2023). The consumption of supplements regularly by Brazilians reaches 80%, with 59% declaring that they consume them every day (Consumption Habit and Nutrition Survey 2023). Furthermore, 59% of people say they want to change to have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle (Instituto Akatu and GlobeScan 2021). And 55% of Brazilians say they are willing to pay more for sustainable products or brands (Instituto Akatu and GlobeScan 2021). Mazô Maná's first product is a food supplement that uses more than a dozen Amazonian ingredients.

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