From Tribu, 100% Amazônia and Manaós Tech are selected to participate in other acceleration and mentoring programs

Three businesses from the portfolio of the Partners for the Amazon Platform Acceleration and Impact Investment Program were selected by different programs for accelerating and/or receiving resources. All three were accelerated in the 2019 cycle.

Fernanda Stefani, from the company 100% Amazon, was one of the 16 female entrepreneurs chosen to participate in the Winning Women Brazil 2020 Program, promoted by Ernst & Young. The pact includes mentoring by the advisors supporting the initiative and monitoring by specialists in topics such as branding, leadership and management. The program seeks to promote the exchange of experiences and expansion of the network of contacts of the participating entrepreneurs,

“It's a women-to-women program, and our company is basically made up of women. In addition, our view of the Amazon is that it is a female being, and that it is maintained by women. The Ernst & Young counselors are very successful, they are a reference in the business world, and we will be able to bring them to the Amazon, for a vision of sustainability, talk more about impact, expand the support network that will foster a positive impact on Amazon. At the same time we will learn a lot. We have a lot of growth planned, and this mentoring will help us with that,” says Fernanda.

The selection process was carried out in four stages, and Fernanda highlights how having participated in the PPA Acceleration Program in 2019 helped along this path: “The Program helped us to have concrete impact indicators and financial indicators, which we presented in this selection process by Ernst & Young. When they came to evaluate the company, it was easier for us to present this whole narrative and data. The Program has helped us make that leap now and participate in another program, which will also contribute to the company's growth. ”

Da Tribu is selected from over 1,500 subscribers by FedEx Program for Small Businesses in Brazil

Da Tribu ranked second among more than 1,500 businesses enrolled in the FedEx program for Small Businesses in Brazil, which offers cash prizes and mentorship with market investor Renato Mendes.

The award resource, R$ 40 thousand, will be used for the development of new products, which will be launched by the end of the year. With the resource accessed via the working capital fund of the Partners for the Amazon Platform's Acceleration and Impact Investment Program, Da Tribu develops a machine to make Amazon Rubber Fabrics (TEA), the basis for its creation of sustainable fashion accessories.

“We were lucky to marry these two moments. The resource we got from the PPA Acceleration Program is being used to develop the machinery, in partnership with Floriano Pastore, a professional from the UNB (University of Brasília), which will enable us to produce rubberized fabrics. And the FedEx award will be used to develop new products. We are already in a meeting with the designers for the launch of handbags, wallets, backpacks and decorative objects, scheduled for October this year. It is a new moment for Da Tribu, an opportunity to present new materials and increase the positive impact for the community that works with us”, assesses Tainah Fagundes, Da Tribu's creative director.  

Manaós Tech is one of the startups chosen by Samsung Creative Startups in 2020

Samsung's acceleration program selected, from 40 startups, 14 projects to accelerate in 2020. Of these startups, six are from Manaus. And one of them is the Manaós Tech.

The pre-selection phase, held in May, included 100% online activities. The groups went through Design Thinking workshops with Samsung's User Experience department and then presented the projects to the judging panel. The pitching session also took place via videoconference and helped to define the selected startups.

Those chosen will receive up to R$ 200 thousand reais each, to be invested in the development and improvement of the products and services presented. The program also provides technical and market mentoring, training and assistance, including with Samsung professionals.

“Participating in this selection process was very interesting. The dynamics made us study and put into practice the design thinking methodology by developing a new product, and this was very good because it brought many insights, even though we already use this methodology at Manaós Tech. Just participating in the selection process has already been worth it,” says Glauco Aguiar, one of the company's founders.

“We are very excited, this is our first nationwide project, and having Samsung not only sponsoring this project, but also as a potential partner, is very good. Our project is a technological education system, which seeks to teach children and teenagers to develop software, robots and Internet of Things devices in a way linked to the content of regular schools. ”

Glauco believes that participation in the Partners for the Amazon Platform's Acceleration and Impact Investment Program helped with the selection: “It helped and will always help. It's a little seed that we carry and for which we will always be grateful. We learn a lot in all the important areas of the company, how to better measure our impact and how to work better with the team. I would say that Manaós Tech before and after the Program are two completely different companies. ”

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