Connection Wheel takes self-care and people management to entrepreneurs in the PPA Acceleration Program

In early October, the businesses that are part of the 2020 cycle of the Partners for the Amazon Platform's Acceleration and Impact Investment Program participated in a connection wheel about People Management and Self-Care.

The activity is part of the Digital Acceleration Journey, and during the virtual meeting the entrepreneurs had moments of reflection and construction on relationships and care with teams, companies, communities and self-care.

The connection wheel was guided by Regina Erismann, who works with personal and organizational biographies, and sought to demonstrate the importance of the entrepreneur becoming aware of the biographical dimension of the human being and the organization in these relationships, pointing out that the way people work in institutions creates institutional biography and affects their own biographies.  

Throughout the activity, the entrepreneurs were invited to reflect on the life stage of human biography in which they are currently inserted, within seven-year cycles, the so-called setenniums in Anthroposophy, which introduce changes in the ways of being and acting in the world. Each one was asked to assess the characteristics of the cycle in which they are inserted, whether they are compatible with their feelings and ways of acting and how this affects the relationship they have with themselves and with other groups.

“I believe that this meeting was an important space for breathing and reflection for entrepreneurs, and also for the coordination team of the PPA Acceleration Program. Entrepreneurs, beneficiary communities and partners have faced new and old challenges in the face of this very atypical year that has been 2020. In this context, caring for interpersonal relationships and for the individual “I entrepreneur” has become as crucial as initiatives to open markets or financial investment, to ensure the resilience and survival of the business after the crisis”, assesses the coordinator of the Acceleration Program, Ana Carolina Bastida.

The theme of self-care was included in the Digital Journey of the 2020 cycle at the suggestion of the businesses that were part of the 2019 cycle, which pointed out, in the evaluation of their journey with the Acceleration Program, the need for self-care and care activities with the groups in which they work. along the journey.

In February of this year, during the only face-to-face workshop promoted with the group of the 2020 cycle, the theme was already present in programmed experiences during a five-day immersion held in Manaus, Amazonas. The photo that illustrates this article is one of the records of activities.

This was the second Connection Wheel promoted by the PPA Acceleration Program in 2020. The first, with the theme ANDentrepreneurship and business in the Amazon: solutions for deforestation, climate change and post-covid-19 economic recovery, was carried out with the participation of Ricardo Abramovay. And a third will be held soon on the theme Export of Sustainable Products

Photo: Henrique Saunier

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