Partnership with Costa Brasil brings logistical solution to Amazonian businesses

Unsurprisingly, logistics and access to Amazonian socio-biodiversity products are among the biggest challenges for high-impact businesses operating in the northern region.

One of the solutions found to minimize this bottleneck was the establishment of a partnership between Costa Brasil, Lothar Logística, Idesam and Climate Ventures, with the objective of promoting, in a sustainable way, the access of Amazonian socio-biodiversity brands to the national market.

The partnership is part of the movement Amazon at home, Forest standing, which today brings together 16 sustainable brands operating in the Amazon, most of them accelerated by the PPA Program.

THE Costa Brasil is a large company specializing in multimodal transport. It operates throughout the Brazilian territory, delivering customized solutions according to each demand, seeking agility, security and economy.

Through the partnership signed, Costa Brasil undertakes to carry out weekly cargo transfer franchises on the Manaus-São Paulo and São Paulo-Itajaí routes, as well as storage in Manaus, São Bernardo do Campo, Guarulhos and Itajaí. It is also responsible for the handling service (labeling and packaging of products).

This logistical arrangement is, in itself, a great advance for businesses that generate a positive impact in the Amazon, facilitating access to products, reducing freight and speeding delivery, as the products are stored in the southeast of the country.

“Costa Brasil has sustainability as one of its pillars, which is why our commitment to the environment is constant. We are happy to support the Amazon at home project, Floresta depé, which is increasingly contributing to a sustainable Brazil,” says Sérgio Thomaz, CEO of the company.

The partnership also includes the preparation of a study and logistical assistance for the chain of each entrepreneur, as well as investment in sustainable cargo stations in general (containers), in actions to promote the sustainable chain, provision of tools/systems for freight optimization, among other points.

For the coordinator of the Acceleration Program at PPA and director of new business at Idesam, Mariano Cenamo, Costa Brasil brings a lot of value to the Program, contributing with excellence and an enormous network of transport and logistics, storage and distribution of products, placed at the layout of startups.

“This year in particular, it was evident how important it is to master these operations to place impact products from the Amazon in more competitive conditions in the markets of southern and southeastern Brazil. We are building a series of storage, transport, distribution and warehousing solutions that are already available to businesses, and we hope that in the future the solutions will tend to grow more and more. ”

Search for logistics and marketing solutions

The partnership is an unfolding of the realization of the Lab Amazônia: Challenge of Logistics and Marketing of Sociobiodiversity Products in the Amazon, carried out by Climate Ventures, Idesam and Plataforma Parceiros pela Amazônia, and which brought together in Manaus, in June of last year, around 40 representatives of organizations and companies for the design and subsequent prototyping of solutions.

With the pandemic, several of the Amazonian businesses found themselves compelled to implement or increase e-commerce. The brands, companies and organizations, some of them participating in the Lab Amazônia, came together and created the movement Amazônia em casa, Floresta em pé, boosting visibility and commercialization for the brands. And soon came the celebration of the logistics partnership.

Ricardo Lothar, from Lothar Consultoria, who participated in the Amazon Lab and has been helping to build solutions, believes that the arrival of Costa Brasil as a partner and operator of this block of Amazonian brands represents a milestone and a paradigm shift in the non-existent relationship between large companies in national logistics and small impact entrepreneurs in the region.

“Costa Brasil will create a virtual logistical treadmill between the Amazon and the South and Southeast of Brazil, with a warehouse, tax suspension until the final sale and free time lengthened storage, allowing the Amazon product to be available to large consumer centers, with prompt delivery, without burdening the entrepreneur during the brand and product consolidation phase. Lothar Consultoria, as a voluntary partner of Idesam and PPA, fulfilled its role of guiding logistical solutions and prosperity for impactful businesses in the Amazon, regardless of their size. The Amazon is a solution, never a problem. ”

Business and Indicators Curatorship

The partnership also establishes that Climate Ventures and Idesam will curate sustainable businesses able to integrate into the arrangement, build social and environmental impact indicators and systematize a database resulting from individual logistics consultancy carried out, seeking to ensure transparency and monitoring .

For Floriana Breyer, from Climate Ventures, it is very significant that Costa Brasil has accepted the challenge of overcoming Amazonian distances and opening up space in its operation to transport and store cargo for these entrepreneurs. “They understood that, much more than products, they transport standing forest and social benefits. Partnerships like this one could scale the Amazon movement at home, Floresta standing and bring the Amazon closer to Brazilians, helping to consolidate the bioeconomy as a vector of sustainable development in the region. ”

Vitor Galvani, also from Climate Ventures, highlights the importance of building indicators to demonstrate that the value of Amazonian products goes far beyond flavors and beauty, as they contribute to keeping the forest standing. “A partner of Costa Brasil's size can support us in reducing logistical costs and delivery time for products to the southeast of the country. This will directly impact the increase in sales of Amazonian brands. In addition, this partnership will bring benefits in reducing the carbon footprint in the traditional logistics that the projects used, as we will prioritize the maritime modal in an optimized way. ”

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