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Amazonian businesses stand out at Naturaltech

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From June 8th to 11th, 32 trades of the movement Amazon at home Forest standing participated in Naturaltech, the largest natural products fair in Latin America. It was the movement's first participation in a face-to-face event.

Held in São Paulo, the fair is an opportunity to exchange experiences between producers, retailers and end consumers, bringing visibility and contributing to expanding the presence of products in the market. According to the fair's organization, 35,600 people visited the fair during the four days it took place.

Gathered in a stand of almost 100 m², the brands offered visitors to the fair unique experiences of flavors and cultures of the Amazon. Tasting sessions, happy hours, product launches and lectures were promoted.

Chocolate with native cocoa, agroforestry coffee, chestnuts, juices, guarana, food supplements, farofa, tucupis, jellies, peppers, sauces, oils, fish, biocosmetics, handicrafts, accessories, among other natural products, were distributed throughout the space and gave life to the booth.

Two products were launched during the event: a mango chutney with Assisi pepper, created in partnership by chef Carla Pernambuco and the company SoulBrasil; and Nióc, a crunchy, lactose-free cassava snack in very Amazonian flavors – tucupi, assisi pepper, garlic vine and jambu -, by the Manioca brand.

Three lectures were promoted during the fair: “Amazônia em casa Floresta em pé – the challenge is to bring the forest to you”, with the participation of Ana Brito (Asproc), Paulo Reis (Manioca), Laura Motta (Mercado Livre), Floriana Breyer (movement Amazon at home Flowers standing) and Carla Pernambuco (Chef do Carlota); “Science and innovation in the food culture of Vitória Régia and other bioactives from the Amazon”, with Dulce Oliveira (Deveras Amazônia); and “What do your choices nourish? How do they drive an innovative, prosperous Amazon that brings solutions for a more sustainable world?”, with Artur Coimbra (Na'kau), Sandra Amud (Assoab), Sarah Sampaio (Amazônia Agroflorestal), Ramon Morato (Instituto Piagaçu) and mediation by Louise Lauschner (Idesam and Inatú Amazônia).

Results and perspectives

4,627 products were sold, totaling R$ 137,854.20. But the expected results transcend these achievements, as Naturaltech is also focused on retailers. The movement is already in talks with spaces, fairs and markets that are interested in having a space dedicated to Amazonian brands.

“Participating in Naturaltech was an unprecedented moment in the journey of the Amazon at home Forest standing. We were able to combine our physical sales and online sales strategies. It was the first moment that we were able to bring together our entire portfolio of Amazonian brands with their representatives and products, offering a showcase of innovation and impact to the market. It was a moment that brought together integration among the members, visibility to the market, an environment for sales to the final consumer and commercial contacts on a larger scale", evaluates Floriana Breyer, manager of partnerships at the Amazon at home Forest in Foot.

Guilherme Faleiros, coordinator of the market access program by AMAZ and Idesam, highlights the public's notorious interest in consuming, more and more, products with a purpose: “During Naturaltech, the movement's brands were able to tell their stories, while at the same time that the public realized that the Amazon has greater value potential when standing. It is these allies that we seek to sensitize with the movement Amazon at home Forest standing.”

 Paulo Reis, one of the organizers of the movement's participation in NaturalTech and entrepreneur of Manioca and Amazonique, believes that, given the importance of Naturaltech, opening space for the participation of the Amazon is to put the region on the map of consumers and retailers: “The answer was immediate response: we had wonderful feedback from customers, who tried the products out of curiosity or for the cause, and were delighted with the taste and quality of our products”.

about the movement

Created in 2020, the movement Amazon in Casa Floresta in Foot It is coordinated by Idesam (Institute for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon), by AMAZ Acceladora de Impacto and by Climate Ventures, and its purpose is to unlock market access for producers of Amazonian sociobiodiversity.

Its supporters are Mercado Livre, the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America, Fundo Vale, GIZ, CLUA, Instituto humanize and Instituto Clima e Sociedade.

The initiative seeks to bring together strategic actors and act collaboratively to overcome bottlenecks and increase sales and market access for these ventures to innovative and interesting forms of marketing.

In this video you can feel a little of the atmosphere of participation in Naturaltech:

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