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Cumbaru begins the implementation of regenerative agrosilvopastoral systems

Photo: Pedro Nogueira/Cumbaru

Sítio Conquista, in Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso, is Cumbaru's first partner property in the implementation of regenerative agrosilvipastoral systems. 

The activities are being carried out in an area of 20 hectares, and so far there is already milk production, transfer of embryos formed in the laboratory for the production of deforestation-free beef calves and preparation of silage to complement the feeding of cattle during the dry season. . 

“This first partnership, with Mr. Gilmar, represents a lot for Cumbaru. We are now, in fact, at the beginning of the process to produce food and other products with low carbon emissions and free of deforestation in the Amazon. All of this makes it possible for family farmers to have access to financial resources and technical knowledge to implement good agricultural practices, one of the main pain points of this group”, analyzes Pedro Nogueira, Co-founder and CEO of Cumbaru.

Through Cumbaru's rural partnerships, milk, zero-deforestation beef calves, bananas, wood, non-timber forest products such as baru, and forest carbon will be produced. The forestry and agricultural component of the agrosilvopastoral system will be implemented as of the 2023/2024 harvest.

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