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Soul Brasil already exports products to six countries and celebrates new customers in Brazil

Photo: Arlindo Filho/Soul Brazil

THE Soul Brasil Cuisine, a business that integrates AMAZ's impact accelerator portfolio and promotes the appreciation of ingredients from the Amazon and other biomes in gastronomic products such as pepper sauces with fruits, vinegars and jams, has been standing out on international radars.

Today, Letícia and Peter Feddersen's company exports products to the USA, the Caribbean, France, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It is still negotiating with Japan, Taiwan and Paraguay.

Recently, it was visited by a delegation of buyers from six important chains in Latin America - from Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Bolivia -, who were in São Paulo, where Soul Brasil is headquartered, participating in an APAS event (Paulista Association of Supermarkets).

“For us, this is recognition that we are on the right path, and that our products contribute to promoting Brazil through its flavors”, analyzes Letícia Feddersen.

“We started Soul Brasil, Peter and I, motivated by the lack of products that could translate the diversity of flavors of Brazilian cuisine in other countries. And today, as a small company, we are managing to move in this direction, spreading Brazilianness in the kitchen, in the country and in the world.”

In Brazil, the company also has clients such as the gastronomic emporiums Casa Santa Luzia and Quitanda, the Ronco do Bugio inn and the restaurants Capim Santo, Selvagem and Vista Jardins.

In addition to its own product lines, Soul Brasil also works with development for major brands, such as Dengo – for which it created a cocoa jelly – and makes co-creations, such as the mango and assîsî pepper chutney, with chef Carla Pernambuco, and the organic pineapple, ginger and lemongrass jam, with chef Morena Leite.

Among the ingredients used by the company in its products are assîsî pepper, baniwa pepper, açaí, guarana, cumuru, cocoa, cupuaçu and tropical fruits.

Soul Brasil has organic certification for sale in Brazil and other specific certifications for export to Europe and the USA. And it also has the Origens Brasil seal, which attests to fair trade with the communities.

New visual identity and new products in 2023

With the House Rex, Soul Brasil gained a new visual identity, which better reflects the diversity and richness of the Brazilian food universe that it intends to spread around the world.

From the change in the distribution of visual elements to the choice of colors and greater organicity in the labels, the packages now bring even more information, such as suggested use.

The new company logo also brings diversity in the typology chosen by Casa Rex.

And the change comes with the launch of new products, such as banana and açaí jellies, banana and cocoa, mango and tonka bean, açaí and vinegar sauces, cupuaçu and vinegar, in addition to a series of pepper sauces.

“Soul Brasil's plans include increasingly consolidating itself in chains and gastronomic emporiums in Rio and São Paulo, in hotels and partnerships with other major brands, with the objective of reaching our break even this year. And at the same time we continue to open international markets and at the same time open international markets with partnerships that leverage the business. Always taking sustainability, the flavors, aiming at the positive impact on the communities”, analyzes Letícia.

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