Acceleration Program integrates 3rd edition of Guide 2.5

The third edition of Guide 2.5, which brings together initiatives that develop and invest in businesses with an impact in Brazil, is already on the air. And the Partners for the Amazon Platform's Acceleration and Impact Investment Program is among the initiatives mapped out.

Launched by Quintessa with support from ICE and the Sabin Institute, the guide it facilitates access to the support that entrepreneurs need, promotes connection with these initiatives and brings efficiency to the sector.

With a biennial edition, the guide mapped, in its first edition, 11 organizations. In the second edition, in 2017, there were 34 initiatives. The third edition brings 54 initiatives from all regions of Brazil, classified in the categories of financial support and/or development.

Due to the evolution of the publication since its first edition, it is possible to see gains in maturity and diversification in the sector, with support for impact businesses in different degrees of maturity, locations and support needs.

The guide is aimed especially at entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs, with the objective of bringing clarity about the existing support for the development of impactful businesses and facilitating the connection between entrepreneurs and organizations in the sector.

The criteria for inclusion of the initiatives were: (1) the initiative has an explicit focus on impact businesses; (2) the initiative is primarily focused on supporting the development of impactful businesses; (3) the initiative is open for enrollment by entrepreneurs; (4) the initiative is recurrent or has a perspective of continuity. The survey was carried out using a questionnaire prepared by Quintessa, and information about each organization was provided by representatives of each initiative.

Sector 2.5 is a reference to the union between characteristics of the second sector (comprised of private companies, marked by financial sustainability and focus on generating profit) and the third sector (consisting of non-profit organizations, marked by the focus on generating positive social and environmental impact) . Impact businesses are then configured as sector 2.5, since, through the sale of products and services, they bring solutions to overcome relevant social and environmental challenges

The guide offers a snapshot of the current scenario of the 2.5 sector, understanding that organizations are constantly making changes in their methodology, with the aim of improving their services – and that there are more and more new initiatives emerging. 

For the PPA Acceleration and Impact Investment Program, being one of the initiatives listed in Guide 2.5 is an achievement and also an important recognition, especially for being a recent initiative, with only two years of operation, among important actors in the field . It is an opportunity to gain visibility, both for the program and for the supported startups and entrepreneurs, as well as, above all, giving birth to the ecosystem of business and impact investments in the North region and connecting it with more developed ecosystems, like the south and southeast of the country.  

To access Guide 2.5, click here: Click here.

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