Amazon at home, Forest standing

In the month in which Amazon Day is celebrated – September 5th – the Acceleration and Impact Investment Program of the Partners for the Amazon Platform, Mercado Livre, Idesam and Climate Ventures launch the campaign Amazon at home, Forest standing.

The campaign is an invitation to discover products that help keep the forest standing, because they are obtained from the sustainable use of natural resources, generating work and income for their communities and valuing their knowledge. There are male and female entrepreneurs who run their businesses and produce a positive social and environmental impact for the Amazon. And anyone can support these businesses that take care of the forest by consuming their products.

Eight businesses from the Acceleration Program portfolio participate in the initiative with stores on the Mercado Livre platform - cocoaway, Mendes chocolates, of the Tribu, Instituto Ouro Verde, maniac, Na'kau, Peabiru Forest Products, syringe, Amazon tavern and tucum – in addition to other Amazonian brands: Apuí Agroforestry Coffee, D'Amazônia Origins, Amazon crumbs, standing forest, Amazon symbioze and Terramazonia.

The campaign has institutional support from Fundo Vale, ICS, Clua and Instituto Humanize. The AUÁ Institute and Biobá SocioBio Platform are also part of the AmazôniaHub initiative, which are also key partners in the operation of the entire campaign.

Launch on September 5th, Amazon Day

Throughout September, the brands will be highlighted in the Free Market platform and will also be driven by partnerships with digital influencers.

In day September 10th, from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, the webinar will be promoted Consumption and conservation of the Amazon, with the participation of Laura Motta, sustainability manager at Mercado Livre; Floriana Breyer, coordinator of the Lab Amazônia/Climate Ventures; Hermogenes Sa, Amazonian entrepreneur of Peabiru Produtos da Floresta; and Mariano Cenamo, coordinator of the PPA Acceleration Program and director of new business at Idesam. To participate, just sign up here.

The schedule of lives and webinars that will be held throughout the month will be published on the instagram of the Parceiros pela Amazônia and Idesam platform.

 “The Amazon offers incredible products, which are unknown to most Brazilians. The big challenge is to build a new regional economy through entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses, which generate income and quality of life for local communities that help to conserve the forest. Our main objective with the campaign is to offer the possibility of connecting Brazilians a little more with the Amazon rainforest”, he says Mariano Cenamo, coordinator of the Acceleration and Impact Investment Program at PPA and director of new business at Idesam.

 Increased visibility and optimization of logistics

The campaign seeks to increase the visibility and support the growth of brands in the Partners for the Amazon Platform's Acceleration and Impact Investment Program portfolio and also of entrepreneurs in the Market Access Block pilot project, a result of Lab Amazônia, a Climate initiative Ventures and Idesam, which aims to find logistics and marketing solutions for sustainable Amazonian businesses.

The Free Market, Latin America's largest e-commerce and financial technology platform, joined this movement, adding its potential to expand online sales and providing Brazilians with easier access to these products (in Brazil, 1 in 3 smartphones have the Mercado Livre app installed).

 "We are very happy with this partnership, as it reinforces our strategy of giving consumers the opportunity to make choices that generate positive social and environmental impacts and, at the same time, contribute to the strengthening of entrepreneurs who contribute to the generation of local income and to the development of an increasingly sustainable economy in the Amazon”, he says Laura Motta, Sustainability Manager at Mercado Livre.

The campaign intends to become a permanent movement, to which other brands and partners who are committed to sustainable production, forest conservation and generation of work and income for their populations can join. Such as the case of the Origens Brasil® network, conceived by ISA – Instituto Socioambiental and Imaflora, which promotes sustainable business in the Amazon, ensuring that the origin of the products comes from priority conservation areas.

“When we see these amazing products available, we don't imagine everything that is needed for them to reach the market. The socio-biodiversity production chain is long and complex, ranging from the sustainable extraction of raw materials from the forest, processing, products, logistics, storage, distribution and sales. This campaign is a Collective Action coordinated between the actors that make this happen, it is a beautiful challenge that we are taking on with all these partners and an invitation to consumers, who have a fundamental role in this arrangement”, he says. Floriana Breyer, from Climate Ventures, Coordinator of the Amazon Lab

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