September was the month of Amazon at home, Forest standing

Showing the importance of consuming products that have a positive impact on the Amazon and generate income for its populations, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity, was what motivated the creation of the campaign Amazon at home, Forest standing.

One of the most complex bottlenecks for Amazonian businesses to sell and market their products is logistics. Long distances and the transport of a few items at a time increase the cost of shipping. Another point to be highlighted in this aspect is the absence of distribution centers located more in the center of the country, especially in the Southeast, which facilitate this shipment to customers. 

The month of September was dedicated to implementing some strategies in the search for solutions to these dilemmas. A group of organizations made up of the Partners for the Amazon Platform, Free market, Amazon Hub, Climate Ventures and Idesam, with the support of the Auá Institute and of the Biobá platform, mobilized efforts to increase visibility and access to business products that generate a positive impact for the Amazon, facilitating consumption through the Mercado Livre and AmazôniaHub platforms. 

Betting on e-commerce and on a strategy to mobilize influencers in the areas of gastronomy and crafts, actors and actresses who engaged in the production of recipes, stories on social networks and carrying out lives with female entrepreneurs, the campaign focused on business accelerated by the Program and some other Amazonian brands in the Market Access Block, an initiative developed by Climate Ventures and Idesam since 2019 with the objective of finding logistics and marketing solutions for sustainable businesses in the region . 

Nine businesses from the Acceleration Program portfolio participated in the campaign - cocoaway, Mendes chocolates, of the Tribu, Instituto Ouro Verde, maniac, Na'kau, Peabiru Forest Products, syringe, Amazon tavern and tucum – in addition to other Amazonian brands – Apuí Agroforestry Coffee, D'Amazônia Origins, Amazon crumbs, standing forest, Amazon symbioze and Terramazonia.

The breadth of the audience reached by the influencers' profiles provided visibility in different areas. promoted lives and videos with the production of recipes throughout September Bela Gil, chef Renato Caleffi, consultant, bartender and journalist Neli Pereira, actress Leticia Colin, fashion designer and actress Eunice Baía, among others. 

Chef Carla Pernambuco created an exclusive dish for her restaurant, Carlota, which had interest and good acceptance throughout September. And journalist Patrícia Ferraz prepared an exclusive recipe for Banana bread from Brazil with Amazonian ingredients for her column in the Paladar section of the O Estado de São Paulo newspaper.

It was also a good learning experience for the Acceleration Program itself, in the sense of testing strategies that tend to become perennial in the search for visibility and commercialization of these products. And even for the businesses themselves, some of which have improved their online sales strategies and others who have seen an opportunity to get started in this system amidst the isolation brought by the pandemic. The action also provided an opportunity for reflection and search for solutions to expand stock, freight and logistics to meet consumer orders.

In addition to the visibility attracted to the business, the Program tested the sale of themed baskets of Amazonian products on the Free Market, focused on gastronomy and on crafts and sustainable fashion. The baskets were sold out in the first days of the campaign, but a second batch is already in production for sales, integrated with Mercado Full, a Free Market solution that provides same-day deliveries in São Paulo and in other capitals within 48 hours. Some businesses that chose to use this solution saw their sales increase throughout the month of September.

Other basket models, which include business products from the Program's portfolio together with the other brands, are available on the AmazonHub platform.

“The campaign has been important to give visibility to participating products and brands. In less than a month, some businesses have already seen a significant increase in sales, in terms of access to their stores and followers on social media. In addition, I believe that the most relevant result has been to raise the positive agenda of a new economy for the Amazon, showing that it is possible and easy to consume delicious and beautiful products produced in the region and that contribute to forest conservation and improvement in quality of life for local communities”, assesses Ana Carolina Bastida, coordinator of the Acceleration Program at PPA and manager of new business at Idesam. 

Some businesses participating in the campaign noticed positive effects, both in visibility and in sales, right after the launch of the action, which took place on Amazon Day, September 5th. Manioca, for example, recorded an increase of 182% in general sales between September 5th and 6th. On the other hand, Peabiru Produtos da Floresta recorded a sales growth of more than 200% in relation to its history in the Free Market.

The experience of Instituto Ouro Verde (IOV) has improved the business store in the Free Market, which today is more organized and attractive, with products categorized into 'home, furniture and decoration' and 'fashion with responsibility'. The items sold are produced by the Mulheres de Fibra group, and in this process IOV also created an instagram page for them.

A more comprehensive review of the visibility achieved by business and sales will be held in early October for assessment and process adjustments.

"The campaign was another important step to give visibility to the products, the biodiversity production chain and the sustainable businesses that contribute to the development of a new economy in the region, and which can now be marketed throughout Brazil through our ecosystem, ” evaluates Laura Motta, sustainability manager at Mercado Livre. "The action reinforces the assertiveness of the Sustainable Category of the Free Market, which aims to give consumers the opportunity to make choices that generate positive social and environmental impacts."

Challenges, learning and futures 

For Guilherme Faleiros, new business analyst at Idesam, the great challenge to be faced was to deliver products from remote areas of the Amazon, with all the pandemic context, to the consumer's home, maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. 

“We realized, from the customers' feedback, that the Brazilian consumer is interested in knowing where the product comes from, and is sensitized to the cause of the Amazon. This change in thinking strengthens the national economy and values our culture.”

Betting on this perception and return, in the coming months the strategy of providing visibility and expanding business sales will continue with the mobilization of influencers and other sales channels, especially focused on two dates: Green Friday, in November, and Christmas.

Ana Bastida, coordinator of the PPA Acceleration Program, points out that the objective is that “this campaign is a first step in a larger and permanent movement, with these two milestones this year. We will continue with the agenda of actions with digital influencers, multiply the sales channels and, above all, continue strengthening the business and the logistical chain of the products, in order to ensure greater agility and sustainability in deliveries.” 

Floriana Breyer, from Climate Ventures, reinforces the surprising response of consumers to the campaign and the call to conserve the Amazon. "Our next steps are to keep this campaign alive, so that it becomes a movement that can continue to engage entrepreneurs and customers in this production chain and in this mindset sustainable consumption. The challenge is to guarantee the formation of stocks of products to meet the demands and keep improving the arrangements of the production and logistics chains to reach the consumer's home,” he says.

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