Da Tribu launches new collection in Amazon Rubber Fabric (TEA)

The brand from Pará slow fashion Da Tribu launched, on December 10th, a new collection, the guide, with innovative and sustainable pieces made in TEA (Amazon Rubber Fabric).

The new pieces, with a limited edition, include a bag that transforms into a backpack and scarves, signed by Reg Coimbra and Bruna Bastos, designers from Jambo Estúdio from Pará.

The collection was conceived based on the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic: "We asked ourselves what people were looking for and we strongly noticed a reconnection with the space in which they live, with the house, for example", says the creative director of the brand, Tainah Fagundes.  

Another interesting point of the pieces is the multiple uses. The backpack can also be used as a bag, and the scarf, in addition to housing potted plants, can be used as a basket for objects and fruit. “We were interested in thinking about these developments, and that's why we called Reg and Bruna to conceive the design of the products, as well as the prints”, says Tainah.

Other partnerships in the collection include the Costuraê collective – a project that brings together seamstresses from the Guamá and Terra Firme neighborhoods in Belém – and the Pedra Branca community on the island of Cotijuba – which produced the TEA and has been a partner of Da Tribu for more than three years old.

The sustainability of parts

The Nortear collection emerged from a common interest between the brand and Jambo Estúdio. “There had been a common interest and admiration for some time. Da Tribu and Jambo are played by women from the Amazon, entrepreneurs, who think in a similar way and who believe in the power of partnerships”, says Reg Coimbra.

A survey of the universe of the brand and its consumers, market trends and the fashion area was carried out to propose new products with the Amazon Rubber Fabric (TEA), whose specific machinery was built with resources of the emergency notice of the Partners for the Amazon Platform Acceleration Program, launched to help female entrepreneurs in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. The fabric was developed in partnership with researchers from UnB (University of Brasília)

The parts are made of TEA and reused truck tarpaulins, with over ten years of use, representing at least 1 million kilometers traveled.

“The canvas was dyed and treated to be softened. It's a time to reframe and stop producing excesses, betting on timeless products with a longer shelf life”, defends Da Tribu creator Kátia Fagundes, about the concept of the collection, which also permeates the entire trajectory of the brand, with the constant use of recyclable materials, renewable raw materials and investment in the relationship with communities in the capital of Pará.

Before TEA, Da Tribu developed pieces with rubberized threads with latex, in partnership with Comunidade Pedra Branca. Now, the expectation is that, with the new machinery, production will increase and bring more financial return. “We saw that production is much higher, we had a very high demand and this impacts our financial world within the community”, says Corina Magno, producer of threads and fabrics at Comunidade Pedra Branca.

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