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Mazô Maná launches Amazonian shake

Photo: Mazô Maná

Mazô Maná closes the year 2023 by launching its first product on the market: an Amazonian shake that mixes açaí, babassu, cocoa, cajá, camu-camu, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, cumaru, cupuaçu, soursop, murici, cumari pepper and peach palm.

The product has already been approved by two famous chefs, who are part of the board of Mazô Maná: Bela Gil and Alex Atala. And it is for sale on the company's ecommerce website and also on Mercado Livre.

Innovation in relation to similar products, highlights Marcelo Salazar, creator of Mazô Maná and co-CEO, has an impact on associations of traditional peoples that the company seeks with its model. 

In addition to purchasing ingredients, the company is looking for PSSA (Payment for Socio-Environmental Services) projects for the territories where it operates, and has left it separate in the company's 10% captable for traditional peoples, through partnerships to be contracted with legal instruments that they protect communities and do so calmly so that they understand the arrangement and are comfortable with the model. 

The modeling receives direct assistance from SBSA, a law firm specialized in impact business, as part of its Fair Contracts project. 

The intention is to bring an additional benefit to these communities, opening opportunities for alternative partnership models that can generate additional resources and learning in the medium term. To advance on this front, the startup continues in conversations with some groups in the Terra do Meio region, the birthplace where it was born. 

Mazô Maná intends for the shake and other food products developed to be one of the various sources of revenue. The startup has provided consultancy and developed partnerships with companies and NGOs in the Amazon, as developers of Environmental Services and Carbon projects and seeks ways for these projects to be carried out in the communities' time, with the due process of information and consultation, with fair contracts and involving partners in these communities. 

Marcelo Salazar was at COP-28 in Dubai, participating in several agendas involving the carbon market, PSSA and food systems, including articulations towards COP-30, which will take place in Belém-PA.

AMAZ held a workshop with the startup in Altamira

In May this year, AMAZ, together with Mazô Maná and Simbiótica Finance, held a workshop in Altamira as part of the 2023 acceleration journey.

Two fronts were the focus of this meeting: the beginning of an articulation to build an alternative methodology and other paths for PSSA not limited to carbon, but taking into account the integral protection of the territory by original, riverside and quilombola peoples; and Mazô Maná's strategy in the relationship with community suppliers, such as the one being developed with Rede de Cantinas da Terra do Meio, defined based on fair trade with the search for additional resources based on the entire appreciation of the community's way of life .

Mazô Maná's business modeling was the catalyst for holding the workshop, which also brought together other partners such as iCS (Instituto Clima e Sociedade), SBSA (Szazi, Bechara, Storto, Reicher and Figueiredo Lopes Advogados), Bia Saldanha, Esteban Walther (adviser and investor of Mazô) and Idesam (Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon).

The group visited the headquarters of Mazô Maná and participated in an expedition, organized in partnership with the startup, which included a visit to the business headquarters in Altamira, the warehouse of the Terra do Meio Resex Associations and also one of the partner communities of the Iriri River Resex. Some of the ingredients in Mazô Maná's first product come from the region, and expedition participants were able to discover in loco one of the product processing units and taste first-hand the super shake from Mazô Maná forests.

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