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Tucum will have a store and cultural spot in the center of Rio de Janeiro

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A meeting point with indigenous culture in its various manifestations. This is what Casa Tucum promises from next year in the historic center of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Casa represents Tucum's physical return to the capital of Rio de Janeiro, where the business managed its own store between 2013 and 2019.

To make the project viable, Tucum participated in a selection process of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall's Reviver Centro Cultural Incentive Program, which selected projects to occupy 27 empty stores in the city center, in the quadrangle formed by Avenidas Presidente Vargas, Rio Branco and First of March; along Rua da Assembleia and along a stretch of Orla Conde.

The City Council has already selected the developers and now defines with each one the property that best suits each use. Renovation and rent assistance will be provided.

“We were already looking for a place in Rio to return to the store. Customers ask, everyone wanted that space back. We prepared this return carefully because we didn't want to return just as a store, but rather giving space to all the proportions that Tucum has today, to the importance of the work we do. This new space will sell indigenous crafts and art products, but will also offer a gallery for the exhibition of resident artists and our collection, a film club and other cultural programs”, defines Amanda Santana, founding partner and creative director of Tucum.

The requirements for occupying the spaces included cultural activities, something that was already considered by Amanda in the Tucum project. And the subsidy from the City Hall was also a great motivation for the return of the physical store to the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

“Casa Tucum will be a space for people to get closer to the reality and culture of our partners. We will expand these possibilities and we will also have a call for the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Laboratory, which will operate within the House in 2024”, adds Amanda.

Casa Tucum is expected to start operating in the first half of next year.

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