Academia Amazônia Ensina organizes expedition with Harvard University

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In August, students from Harvard University will be in the Amazon in an immersion organized by Academia Amazônia Ensina (ACAE). 

THE Harvard Amazon Rainforest Immersion is an extracurricular field program that involves students, teachers and researchers from Harvard and the Amazon. The program's content revolves around local themes linked to climate and sustainable development. 

The immersion will bring an intensive and interdisciplinary introduction to the ecosystems, societies and economies of the Amazon, exploring the complexities and local challenges of sustainable development.

Participants will have contact with fundamental scientific concepts to understand the functioning of the forest ecosystem and its importance for the planet; interconnections between deforestation, illegal extractive activities, loss of biodiversity, health, human capital and inequalities; local cultures; climate policy; local research, innovations and success stories. 

Lectures, debates, visits to different places, interactions with experts, traditional communities and other students will be part of the 12 days of immersion. Participants must develop a report with learnings and ideas for projects related to the Amazon. 

In addition to Harvard students, students or researchers residing in Amazon countries will also participate in the expedition.

“We were approached by Harvard, based on a recommendation from Idesam, and we were very happy, because there is a lot of synergy between what Academia Amazônia Ensina promotes and their expectations. We will pass through Manaus, the Uatumã Reserve and Presidente Figueiredo. We are very excited and in the preparatory process for the immersion”, analyzes Maria Eugenia Rocha Tezza, executive director of ACAE.

The Harvard Immersion in the Amazon Rainforest is offered by the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies Brazil Office and the Salata Institute for Climate and Sustainability, in collaboration with Academia Amazônia Ensina, Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (UEA) and Idesam. 

“We are sure that the sustainable production experiences offered by Idesam together with Amazon communities for the Harvard group and Academia Amazônia Ensina will allow for a different reflection on how to think about development for the Amazon. The union of these entities – a renowned research institute like Harvard, ACAE with its education in the field, reflective and instigating solutions, and the techniques developed at Idesam, in the field, together with community experience – is a very promising to see new solutions for sustainable and inclusive development in the Amazon forest”, analyzes Carlos Koury, director of innovation in bioeconomy at Idesam.

ACAE promotes four expeditions in 2024

With one expedition underway until the beginning of February, ACAE will promote three more expeditions throughout 2024, including the immersion with Harvard.

In the first expedition of the year, 23 people with very varied profiles are on board, including students and executives from institutions such as Amazon, Basf and Sebrae Nacional.

“These are people who think outside the box, or who try to think outside the box. We also have journalists, designers, administrators, engineers, audiovisual professionals and technology specialists on this expedition”, says Maria Eugênia. 

Among the year's expeditions, in May ACAE promotes an immersion with the Saint Paul Escola de Negócios de São Paulo, aimed at discovering the Amazon with an ESG perspective, and in June repeats partnership with Aberje (Brazilian Business Communication Association) in a new expedition. 

“We are very happy with the path ACAE has taken. We realize the importance of being in these different environments for dialogue to take place. I feel that Academia Amazônia Ensina is doing its role, which has always been proposed, which is to prepare people for the economic, social and ecological challenges of the 21st century. And we are very excited about this opening, especially with the B2B and corporate public, for understand the Amazon in this contextualized way”, he highlights.

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