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Tucum signs contract with the city of Rio to occupy a mansion in the historic center

Photo: Tucum Disclosure

Casa Tucum already has an address to call its own: Rua do Rosário nº 30. 

The company signed a contract with the City of Rio de Janeiro to occupy a mansion in the historic center of the city. And it is expected to start operating this quarter.

Casa represents Tucum's physical return to the capital of Rio de Janeiro, where the business managed its own store between 2013 and 2019.

To make the space viable, Tucum participated in a selection process of the Rio de Janeiro City Hall's Reviver Centro Cultural Incentive Program, which selected projects to occupy 27 empty stores in the city center, in the quadrangle formed by Avenidas Presidente Vargas, Rio Branco and First of March; along Rua da Assembleia and along a stretch of Orla Conde.

The signing ceremony took place on January 30th, in the city center of Rio de Janeiro, and was attended by Mayor Eduardo Paes and other representatives from the city hall and the companies selected to sign the Program's first contracts. 

“Casa Tucum will be a space for people to get closer to the reality and culture of our partners”, highlights Amanda Santana. “It will be a space to reaffirm the arts and indigenous peoples of Brazil.”

The purpose of the space is to sell indigenous art and crafts, but also to be a gallery for exhibiting resident artists and those from the collection, a film club and offering other cultural programs.

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