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Manawara, an AMAZ portfolio company, opens a franchise in Manaus

Shopping Manauara receives the company's first franchise, which plans to open another three in the first half of the year

Photo: Manawara Disclosure

Manaus – Manawara, a company that integrates the impact accelerator AMAZ portfolio, opened its first franchise last weekend (20 and 21/01). Located at Shopping Manauara, in Adrianópolis, central-south area of Manaus, this will be the first of several that should be delivered this year.

The company, located in Iranduba, Amazonas, arose from a passion for gummy bears and the Amazon. It offers 22 product options, including fruit candies of different flavors, nuts and cookies. Foods such as açaí, guaraná, taperebá and cupuaçu are present in jujubes and other vegan products, free of gluten and lactose. And it plans to close the year 2024 with 15 new products. 

In its production chain, Manawara seeks to value producers from the Amazon region. The guaraná used comes from Maués, the nuts come from Assoab (Association of Farmers of Beruri), which operates in Resex Mamirauá. The starch in the cookies comes from Iranduba, the honey from Boa Vista do Ramos, the coconut flour from producers in Acre.

“For us, who are located in Amazonas, it is very significant to have a franchise here, in Manaus. Being able to take our partners – like Mr. José Tomaz, from a riverside community in Iranduba, who is our jambu supplier – to visit our point of sale, show, in concrete terms, how the raw materials they provide us are used and where the products are sold, there is no price”, defines Mércio Sena, CEO of Manawara.

The CEO of AMAZ accelerator and director of new business at Idesam, Mariano Cenamo, highlights: “It is a great pleasure to see the opening of Manawara's first unit in Manaus, at Shopping Manauara. It is a company that we believe has enormous potential to bring the face of the Amazon to Brazil and the world, but it is super important to present first-hand the products that come from Amazonian biodiversity to be valued by the Amazonians themselves. This is the first of several franchises that will be opened in Brazil during 2024.”

The company's products were already found in some points of sale in Manaus, but now they are sold at their own point, where it is possible to have access to the wide range of products offered. 


According to Mércio, in the first half of the year, three new franchises should be opened in the city of São Paulo. Two units are also planned for this year in Rio de Janeiro and one in Belo Horizonte. And Manawara is already in the final stages of negotiating four other franchised units. 

“Our intention is to promote immersion in the world of colors and flavors of the Amazon. May everyone have the possibility of imagining their Amazon through the products we offer. Inside each candy, in each box, there is a lot of care for nature and the people who live in the forest”, highlights the CEO of Manawara.

According to him, the point of sale opened in São Paulo in May last year, which also works as show room to attract future franchisees, it has increased its sales by around 10% since the beginning of its operation.

The company has invested in product and packaging development over the last few years.

The effort has been awarded with important recognitions. The company has participated in the largest food and beverage fairs in the world and Europe – Anuga and Sial. For Sial, it won the Seal of Innovation in 2020. And it was also awarded by the Brazil Design Awards with the packaging developed for fruit candies, also in 2020.

Manawara is in negotiations to enter the North American market. Its products have also aroused interest in the Chinese market: JD, an e-commerce giant, the Chinese Department of Commerce and a supermarket chain in Beijing with foreign clientele have shown interest in opening negotiations.

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