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AMAZ holds first workshop of the 2024 acceleration cycle

Photo: Andrea Azevedo/AMAZ

The first workshop of the AMAZ 2024 acceleration cycle took place from 21 to 23/03 and brought together, in Manaus, the businesses selected by last year's Call: MOMA and Zeno Nativo.

The program covered indicator management and impact modeling, including the financial aspect. In addition to the AMAZ team, the entrepreneurs were attended by Sara Sampaio, Executive Director of Café Apuí Agroflorestal, who shared the management of business indicators and the decision-making process.

Visits to other businesses based in Manaus – Na'kau, which is part of the AMAZ portfolio, and Warabu -, and also to Bemol Distribution Centers completed the activities.

“This first workshop of the 2024 acceleration cycle aimed to work with the notion of how data can be transformed into important information for business decision-making. We brought theoretical aspects, as well as construction and refinement of business financial indicators, work that will be continued over the next few weeks”, highlights Rafael Moreira, responsible for the selection and acceleration of AMAZ.

Rafael also highlights the importance of connections with other businesses operating in the Amazon, with the possibility, for accelerating entrepreneurs, of realizing different levels of knowledge organization, and approaching possible commercial points for both businesses.

For Vivian Chun, from MOMA, the highlight of the workshop was the demonstration of robust impact reporting benchmarks: “This was inspiring, as was the visit to the Bemol Distribution Center, which is quite impressive and gives a dimension of grandeur. when dealing with so many brands.” MOMA is in the process of expanding its B2B strategy, and contact with commercial spaces with the potential to sell products was an important point of this first face-to-face meeting conducted by the AMAZ team.

“Acceleration provides extremely valuable networking. And it contributes to my entrepreneurial journey, bringing a lot of reflection and encouragement for MOMA to grow. Each acceleration that we participate in is a different process, because we are always at different phases of the business and maturity. So this process with AMAZ brings some pulses, guiding questions to reflect on whether what we are doing will have results and when, whether we are certain of our purpose, anyway. Provocations for us to improve more and more.”

Zeno Gemaque, from Zeno Nativo, highlights the lessons learned from the examples: “The work of Café Apuí Agroflorestal really caught my attention. I saw that it's not just us who have difficulties, they also face many challenges similar to ours. And that gives us hope, because we saw a project similar to ours that is working. The work with financial modeling was also extremely important. I also leave with many doubts and questions, but I know that we will address them in the next online connections with the AMAZ team. All of this contributes greatly to our growth. We learned a lot that we will apply here at Zeno Nativo.”

Coi Belluzzo, also from Zeno Nativo, echoes the importance of the connection with Café Apuí Agroflorestal and other businesses: “The visits we made to the entrepreneurs at Na'kau and Warabu, both involved in Amazonian cocoa, were very important for us . These visits will certainly bear fruit for us. It was a very intense week of work, with a lot of information to digest and apply to the business.”

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