Vivalá participates in the EmbraturLAB Acceleration Program 

Photo: Vivalá Disclosure

Vivalá, a business that is part of the AMAZ portfolio, is one of the startups participating in the EmbraturLAB Acceleration Program, which promotes the competitiveness of the tourism sector in order to improve the experience of foreigners visiting Brazil.

The program is a partnership between EmbraturLAB and Turistech Hub Brasil, one of the main innovation hubs in Latin America. The Hub was created to lead the tourism innovation agenda and foster the sector's competitiveness and environmental sustainability. EmbraturLAB has a partnership between Embratur, universities, researchers and entrepreneurs who are promoting innovation actions in tourism.

In the last phase of the process, scheduled to end in April, three startups (iFriend, Vivalá and Destinos Inteligentes) carry out practical tests based on the tourist solutions developed. Vivalá translated the website and its main materials into English and Spanish, increasing the number of people who can be reached by sustainable itineraries, and is developing technological solutions to attract foreign audiences to live sustainable tourism experiences in Brazil .

For the EmbraturLAB proof of concept, Vivalá developed a itinerary with a one-day adventure experience, all focused on sustainability in Rio de Janeiro, focusing on biodiversity, available for the 2024 calendar. 

“We have dedicated efforts, resources and time to developing extensive promotional material in Portuguese, English and Spanish, in addition to developing an affiliate platform so that we can have enough technology to sell Brazil with partners around the world in real time . This will be an important leap in the commercial expansion of ecotourism, adventure and community-based tourism with foreigners”, highlights the co-founder and executive director of Vivalá, Daniel Cabrera.

And the first results of the proof of concept are beginning to emerge from the Amazon more quickly: “The Amazon is the biome that welcomed the most foreigners into our portfolio. Today we have experiences of ecotourism, community-based tourism and adventure, with indigenous, riverside and quilombola communities, in the states of Acre, Amazonas, Pará and Tocantins. And soon, we will reach the fifth state, Roraima, with experiences in one of the largest mountains in Brazil: Mount Roraima”, adds Cabrera.

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