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Zeno Nativo completes factory renovation and expansion

Photo: Zeno Nativo Disclosure

THE Native Zeno, a company accelerated and invested by AMAZ in 2024, completed the renovation and expansion of the nut and cocoa bean processing factory. Located in Acará, state of Pará, the renovated structure increases productivity by 50%.

The work was carried out with financial support from AMAZ: “We used just over 30% of the AMAZ contribution. This reform was already on the horizon, we took advantage of the resource to improve not only productivity, but the environment for employees, providing more quality and safety”, says Zeno Gemaque, founder of Zeno Nativo.

The renovation of the space took almost four months, a time offset by increased productivity from now on. Furthermore, Zeno highlights the reduction in the possibility of food contamination, as the environment has improved and has become even more suitable for handling chestnuts and almonds. And also the air conditioning of the entire area, which makes the factory's work process healthier for employees.

“In addition to all this, we also renovated and expanded our cocoa drying greenhouse, which now uses a new technique that has greatly improved the aesthetics of cocoa and the environment. These works make a big difference to our enterprise”, says Zeno.

Zeno Nativo works with the production of Brazil nuts and cocoa beans native to the Acará River region, contributing to the conservation of the Amazon. The chestnuts are recognized for their quality and are sold especially at the Ver-o-Peso market, in Belém, and elsewhere. Cocoa beans serve chocolate makers in Brazil and around the world. 

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