Campaign moved online sales to Amazonian businesses at the end of 2020

The continuity of the campaign Amazon at home, Forest standing in the last quarter of 2020, in sales to the Amazon businesses, only via Mercado Livre, R$ 65,835.00, an increase of 7.4% in relation to previous months.

released on last september as an alternative to help leverage the sales of Amazonian businesses, hampered by the covid-19 pandemic, the initiative awakened several entrepreneurs to the online commerce and it made those who already saw this possibility, or even those who were already taking their first steps in this sales modality, to speed up the process.

The campaign had activations in November, on account of the Green Friday, and in December, stimulating shopping with a purpose at christmas.

During the Green Friday, the activation of the campaign focused on enterprises that work with crafts and fashion, and promoted lives with the influencers Mona Soares, Alessandra Luglio and Laura Mocellin Teixeira, which had the participation of Tainah Fagundes (Da Tribu) and Francisco Samonek (Seringô), in addition to the coordinator of the Acceleration and Impact Investment Program at PPA, Ana Bastida.

As part of the campaign experience, participating businesses suggested revert 10% of the value of sales of product baskets (20 units, limited edition) for one of the businesses in the PPA Acceleration Program portfolio, the Tapuruquara Warriors Mountains, which had its activities – community-based indigenous tourism – completely paralyzed because of the pandemic.

Businesses also worked together in the elaboration of a manifesto, which translates the feeling and purpose of joint action, as a group that focuses on the same purpose, which is to conserve the forest, value regional knowledge and generate income for its populations.

“In a co-creation experience, we designed this edition of the campaign together with entrepreneurs, with even more purpose and fostering the conscious consumption of Amazonian products. We had greater participation from them in the definition of strategies and actions, with the intention of highlighting this union between them, seeking the same purpose”, assesses Guilherme Faleiros, new business analyst at Idesam.

The campaign experience on Green Friday is one of cases cited in the guide Commercial Strategy Journey: A Guide to Impact Business. The result of a partnership between Mercado Livre and ICE, the publication presents a journey to guide and guide the impact entrepreneur in the construction and implementation of the commercial strategy of their business.

Also in November, the movement Amazon at home, Forest standing – which brings together brands and organizations committed to generating a positive social and environmental impact in the Amazon, and which promotes activation campaigns to encourage online sales by participating businesses – won a own website.At the Christmas, the focus of the campaign was expanded for all businesses, including gastronomy. The entrepreneurs involved disclosed the movement in their networks, and there was also activation with two influencers: Day Molina, stylist and indigenous activist who promoted a live with the participation of Amanda Santana (Tucum); and Bel Rabbit, Chef at Cuia restaurant, in São Paulo, who prepared a Baião de Dois Amazonian recipe while talking to Joanna Martins (Manioca).

Businesses report good experiences

Joanna Martins, CEO of Manioca, evaluates that the activation made by the lives with influencers positively impacted the visibility and sales of the business. 

“Being on the Mercado Livre platform by itself would not give half the return that we registered in sales with the campaigns. Today, e-commerce represents 20% of our sales, and this percentage grew throughout the second half thanks to this movement and the lives in which we participated," he says.

Another point highlighted by her is the reinforcement that the virtual campaign also brought to sales aimed at food services and retail as a whole: “The campaigns were fundamental for our survival during the pandemic period, and even for the resumption of sales , which might not even have been possible without the participation and this increase in online sales.”

The CEO of Manioca points out that the realization of lives with opinion makers around the Amazon movement at home, Floresta em pé was “a good idea”, for being able to engage influencers with greater reach around a common purpose. “For us small businesses, it's more difficult to engage an influencer to support a brand. But convincing him to support a group of brands with purpose is more viable. "

For Peabiru Produtos da Floresta, the support of the Acceleration Program on this e-commerce front was important to ensure good sales revenue via Mercado Livre in 2020.

“Of the revenue we had in the last period of the year, around 35% was obtained thanks to the Green Friday and Christmas campaigns, the engagement in the campaigns and the support provided by Amazônia Hub in the dissemination, commercialization and in part of the logistical operation,” says Hermógenes Sá, Director of Peabiru.

“Compared to the past period, these numbers make us believe that we would achieve very significant results under normal conditions. Our participation in this movement, both in terms of visibility and sales, makes us bet more and more on this partnership, believing that in the near future we will be consolidated in the market.”

Advances in logistics for Amazonian products

During the period in which the two campaigns were developed, the partnership between Costa Brasil, Lothar Logística, Idesam and Climate Ventures, whose purpose is to promote the access of Amazonian sociobiodiversity brands to the national market, has consolidated.

THE Costa Brasil, specialized in multimodal transport with operations throughout the Brazilian territory, it is committed to carrying out weekly cargo transfer deductibles on the Manaus-São Paulo and São Paulo-Itajaí routes, in addition to storage in Manaus, São Bernardo do Campo, Guarulhos and Itajaí. It also became responsible for the handling service (labeling and packaging of products).

The logistical arrangement represents great advancement for businesses that generate a positive impact in the Amazon, facilitating the access to products, bringing reduced freight and faster delivery, as the products are stored in the southeast of the country.  

The partnership also includes the preparation of a study and logistical assistance for the chain of each entrepreneur, in addition to investment in sustainable general cargo stations (containers), in actions to promote the sustainable chain, availability of tools/systems for freight optimization, among other points.

“In 2020 in particular, it was evident how important it is to master these operations to place impact products from the Amazon in more competitive conditions in the markets of the south and southeast of Brazil. We have built a series of storage, transport, distribution and storage solutions, which are already available to businesses, and we hope that in the future the solutions will grow even more”, assesses the coordinator of the PPA Acceleration Program and director of new Idesam business, Mariano Cenamo.

Next steps

The group that integrates the movement Amazon at home, Forest standing includes 16 Amazon brands - of which ten are part of the PPA Acceleration Program portfolio – and is a realization of Mercado Livre, Acceleration Program and Business of Impact of PPA, Idesam and Climate Ventures. It is co-organized by Amazônia Hub, Biobá and Instituto Auá, in partnership with Costa Brasil, Lothar Consultoria e Logística e Origens Brasil and institutional support from Fundo Vale, Instituto Clima e Sociedade, Climate and Land Use Alliance and Instituto Humanize.

After the 2020 movement, its members At this moment, evaluate the performance of the campaigns and take new steps and possible dates for new activations, encouraging businesses to stay active in e-commerce and promote the brands on their social networks.

“The encouragement of e-commerce and the visibility, results of the movement, were important to give these businesses the breath they needed, given the adverse scenario of the pandemic. But, in addition to that, the program understands the value of leading efforts to open new markets for businesses in the Amazon, given the challenges of logistics and access to specific markets in the region. For 2021, we will strengthen our support for the movement, seeking to activate new campaigns, but also create a market opening front for B2B (companies for companies), seeking to reach the medium and large retailers”, assesses Ana Bastida, coordinator of the Program Acceleration and PPA Impact Investing.

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Manage Well grows during the pandemic

The well-known phrase “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade” never made so much sense for the manage well, startup accelerated in 2020 by the Acceleration and Impact Investment Program of PPA. 

With the social isolation imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, the company invested in technology to continue offering its solution to the market, which brought expanding the number of customers and saving resources with the digitization of field visits. 

Maneje Bem's main objective is to structuring of productive agricultural systems, focusing on industry. Through a platform, accessible via the web and application, it captures data from the field, favoring the planning of actions and monitoring of impacts related to sustainability. 

"We do this so that the industry has social and environmental responsibility with small producers, guaranteeing them income and quality of life”, defines Caroline Luiz Pimenta, one of the company's founders. 

The work takes place on three pillars: diagnosis, insertion of technology of the application in the farmer's daily life and training. Before the pandemic, diagnosis and training were carried out in person. In 2020, migrated to online, and the results surprised Caroline.

“We had huge benefits. O producer engagement was very high, and we got reduce expenses and have the same results. Face-to-face visits became punctual, and made more intelligently. We restructured our methodology, gained agility in the diagnosis process and still managed to show our customers the importance of digital transformation. ” 

The number of Maneje Bem customers more than doubled in number of projects. The team was expanded, as were the partners. 


Selected to participate in the PPA Acceleration and Impact Investment Program in 2020, Maneje Bem is not headquartered in the Amazon, but was preparing to establish CNPJ in the region, one of the requirements of the Program's Business Call for startups that brought solutions to the Amazon, even though they were not physically based there. However, with the arrival of the pandemic, this step had to be temporarily suspended.

For Caroline, the possibility of being accelerated by the Program and of working with Idesam, with the guaraná productive chain in the Amazon, were great opportunities in 2020. “Now, in 2021, we started a process of surveying indicators, which can be monitored during this process of digital transformation. We know the production system of guarana and let's work together with the Guarana of Maués Alliance, Ambev, Idesam and other partners who are also involved in this process. ”

Caroline says that participation in Acceleration Program, through the digital journey developed especially to serve entrepreneurs during the pandemic, led to the company knowledge that was applied directly to the business, in areas such as definition of impact indicators, measurement and brand positioning. 

In addition, it highlights the importance of connecting with entrepreneurs and the impact ecosystem of the Amazon to have a better understanding of the region and enable the development of work with the guaraná chain in Maués.


Plans for 2021 are broad, and start with team restructuring and process optimization from the 2020 learning.

Another novelty is the structuring of a active commercial sector, which did not exist before at Maneje Bem. The business set sales and project implementation targets for 2021.

"Our main objective is to be a reference in the process of digital transformation in the field for the sustainable development of rural communities. We're putting into practice all the learning we've learned over the years to reach this goal as quickly as possible,” says Caroline. 

Today, Maneje Bem has projects structured in 13 municipalities in Maranhão and begins expansion to the states of Piauí and Pernambuco, with the cassava chain. In addition to guarana in Maués, the startup has projects approved with the cocoa chain in southern Bahia, one of them with the Dengo chocolate company. In partnership with Embrapa, it also develops a module for the production chain of swine and poultry for the state of Santa Catarina. 

In addition to all this, Maneje Bem, in partnership with other organizations, prepares a project for acting with indigenous communities in Rondônia and Mato Grosso. Based on a diagnosis, the project aims to develop indigenous communities, seeking to expand their production for commercial purposes. 

“Today they produce for subsistence, and our idea is that they are able to produce more and have a connection with the industry. And for this we will use a lot of technology, including coming from other countries like, for example, Israel. The project's objective is to contain deforestation and its respective emissions from Greenhouse Gases in Indigenous Areas, enlarging the access to social services, economic infrastructure and services and support for productive activities, says Caroline. 
"We will help to improve the techniques, both for forest conservation how much for extract the best economic return for them, optimizing their productive potential that they already have. ”

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