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Academia Amazônia Teaching launches the film O Rio Negro is the people

In September, the Academia Amazon Teaches gives the start to the structuring and implementation of the project Young Entrepreneurship Ribeirinho, aimed at training young entrepreneurs in the Rio Negro region.

The movie launch The Rio Negro is the people, directed by João Tezza Neto and Juliana Barros, is the starting point of the action. And it will happen next month, when Amazon Day is celebrated.

Made in 2019, the documentary seeks to unravel the meaning of being and growing on the banks of a river with the power of the Rio Negro, enveloped in dense forest and surrounded by global elements of today - the need to leave, the desire to return, the choice for staying, the immensity, the time of the river. Local stories that provide universal elements for reflection on human life.  

Academia Amazônia Teach will launch in your site, providing access to the film through the 'pay-as-you-think-fair' mechanism.

The income generated by the exhibition will be converted into actions with these communities, seeking to assist in the design and development of commercial activities already carried out in a more or less informal way, in training aimed at entrepreneurship and even in the development of new businesses that can generate income for the riverside and riverside people.

The film will be available for access for two weeks, from September 19th to 26th, during which time webinars will also be held covering various aspects of the Amazon (from September 20th to 25th).

“The film should have been released earlier, or sold to media outlets, but the pandemic has changed our plans and we are happy to be able to directly contribute to local communities. With this initiative, we are going to connect people in Brazil and abroad with people from the Rio Negro”, assesses Maria Eugenia Tezza, executive coordinator of Academia Amazônia Teach.

 Post-pandemic expectation

Academia Amazônia Teach, which works with immersion expeditions to the Amazon for students, entrepreneurs, investors and other audiences using science and contact with Amazon culture and knowledge to unveil this exuberant Brazilian ecosystem, had its activities interrupted by the pandemic of covid- 19.

The resumption of expeditions is on the radar as soon as sanitary conditions allow safe travel and visit to the communities of the Rio Negro. 

Likewise, the project Young Entrepreneurship Ribeirinho, which will offer training and guidance to young people in the region surrounding the Anavilhanas National Park, encourage them to play a leading role in sustainable innovative entrepreneurship, provide access to tools and build business plans, promote income generation and provide job opportunities in the region.

 Riverside communities were also severely affected by the pandemic, and the training proposed by Academia Amazônia Ensina aims to contribute to improving the situation

“With the pandemic, the social and economic conditions of riverside communities have seriously worsened. The proposal to generate funds for a local development project through the film was an idea that made us very happy and motivated. The involvement of society as a whole is essential for us to overcome the challenge of conserving the Amazon,” says João Tezza, director of Academia Amazônia Teach. 

Photo: Maringas Maciel/ publicity Academia Amazônia Teach

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