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From the Amazon to you: campaign brings Amazonian entrepreneurs closer to consumers throughout Brazil

In the month of the Amazon, the Free Market and the movement Amazon in Casa Floresta in Foot (which includes AMAZ and some of the portfolio and/or already accelerated businesses) launch the campaign Amazon for you.

The objective is to bring Amazonian entrepreneurs closer to consumers throughout Brazil, facilitating the online purchase of products that contribute to income generation and the conservation of Brazilian biodiversity.

performed from September 3rd to 12th, the initiative adds more than 30 projects which together offer more than 300 products of gastronomy, fashion and crafts.

With the motto 'From the Amazon to You', the campaign is an invitation for consumers to discover products that help keep the forest standing, and has the support of several organizations that work with socio-biodiversity, such as AMAZ, Idesam, Climate Ventures , Partners for the Amazon Platform, Conexsus, Instituto Auá, Central do Cerrado and Amazon Entrepreneurship Center.

 “With the growth of e-commerce, digital inclusion has never been so necessary and important to guarantee the income generation of entrepreneurs. Based on our power to mobilize and connect people, we want to further expand access to Brazilian socio-biodiversity products”, highlights Laura Motta, Sustainability Manager at Mercado Livre.

In the first year of the campaign, in 2020, ventures like the maniac, which sells unique foods from the Amazon region, saw their sales more than double. 

“If we consider that it was a year of pandemic, it is an excellent result. The partnership yielded excellent results for the entrepreneurs, which shows that e-commerce can be a real alternative for the challenges of marketing and logistics from the Amazon”, explains Mariano Cenamo, AMAZ CEO and New Business Director at Idesam.

The brands participating in the campaign, which offer unique flavors and knowledge from the largest tropical forest on the planet, sell a variety of products such as tucupi sauce, purple yam flour, jambu and Victoria Regia jam, Puxuri seed, in addition to sustainable fashion items and indigenous crafts.

“By including more and more ventures in the new economy, we are helping to generate income so that communities can survive and develop from other activities that do not generate deforestation. By valuing work and local cultures, we helped keep the forest standing, breaking a predatory pattern that was also driven by the distance from consumers in the rest of the country”, says Floriana Breyer, from Climate Ventures, coordinator of Lab Amazônia, that integrates the movement. "Consumers, from any region, have gained a fundamental role in this arrangement, as they have the power to guide the market, reorient the paths towards a bioeconomy and help keep the forest standing through the consumption of its products."

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