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Amazon at Casa Floresta standing opens call for sociobiodiversity business

Created in June 2020, the movement Amazon at Home, Forest Standing opens 2022 as a business call aimed at supporting 20 businesses and community-based organizations that work with products from Amazonian socio-biodiversity. The initiative, coordinated by the Institute for Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon (Idesam), by AMAZ Acceleradora de Impacto and by Climate Ventures, aims to optimize logistics and increase the market visibility of these ventures. Applications are open from March 14th to April 1st, through the link amazoniaemcasa.org.br/chamada. 

Impact businesses that sell Amazonian products and are committed to keeping the forest standing will be selected. The next step is to participate in a training and promotion program focused on logistics and commercialization. 

For Guilherme Faleiros, selection and acceleration analyst at AMAZ and Idesam, this first call for business was motivated by the need for market access presented by small enterprises that operate in the Amazon and that face common challenges of marketing and logistics of their products for the main commercial hub in Brazil, the Southeast region. 

“Together, we will strengthen our Amazon brand collective and our learning community. They will be exchanges that develop innovative solutions and commercial strategies to bring traditional flavors and knowledge to the home of Brazilian consumers, conserving the forest and generating income for local populations”, says Guilherme. 

Impact businesses that already have a product tested on the market and operate in the Amazon can apply. The projection is, in two years (i.e., two program cycles), to support 50 Amazonian sociobiodiversity ventures that contribute to the conservation of 25 thousand hectares of forest and the generation of income for more than 1 thousand families in the regions of operation. The expectation is for a reduction of 50% in the logistical cost of the operations of these companies and an increase of 100% in the revenue of the brands involved. 

Coordinated by Idesam, AMAZ and Climate Ventures, the movement has as strategic partners and funders Fundo Vale, GIZ, Mercado Livre and Instituto Humanize, as well as a network of partners formed by CLUA, Conexsus, Origens Brasil (Imaflora), Local.e , Instituto AUÁ and Costa Brasil.

For more information or clarification of doubts, interested parties should contact the e-mail amazoniaemcasa@prosas.com.br.   

regional support 

In the last two years, 15 impact businesses in the North were supported through marketing campaigns with digital influencers, in partnership with Mercado Livre. According to Guilherme, the return was positive, with businesses registering an increase in sales during the activation of these campaigns and being able to expand them to states where they still did not have customers. 

CEO of Manioca, one of the ventures supported by AMAZ, businesswoman Joanna Martins points out the accelerator as essential for the development of the brand. “It was a help that made our management more mature and that expanded the contacts of our network throughout Brazil. And this is either by strengthening the bioeconomy view in the region and impacting businesses or by accessing financing, credit and guidance for the use of these tools. In general, everything that AMAZ has brought us was fundamental for us to reach the stage we are at, with excellent results and growth plans, both in terms of impact and financial return”, he comments.

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