Amazon at home, Forest standing prepares for a new phase

In March, participants and supporters of the Amazonia em casa, Floresta em pé (Amazon in Home, Standing Forest) movement gathered to assess the activities carried out in 2020 and outline exercises for the future.

Started in June last year, the movement was one of the solutions developed for Amazonian businesses to continue their sales during the pandemic, encouraging the adoption of e-commerce strategies.

As a result, businesses that had a drastic reduction in sales in 2020 (a drop from 70% to 90% in sales) started their journey in e-commerce and reaped good results, whether in sales or visibility.

Started from a pilot project in June 2020, in partnership with Mercado Livre, the movement has been growing and unfolding, with specific activation milestones in September, the month of the Amazon, on Green Friday in November and also on the occasion of Christmas .

Among the strategies and actions adopted by the movement are solutions in the area of logistics and storage - consolidation of shared stock in São Paulo, logistics coordination, handling and delivery to the final consumer, 24-hour delivery in São Paulo and 48-hour delivery to other places in the Brazil, freight subsidy, taxes and storage, free transfer of goods on the Manaus – São Paulo route. In the commercial area, an exclusive form was developed for B2B sales, in addition to the creation of a catalog and commercial materials, corporate baskets and for B2C.

In the area of communication and marketing, the movement promoted the activation of influencers through lives with Amazonian entrepreneurs, contact with opinion makers, in addition to developing an identity and website aimed at the initiative. A network of 35 digital influencers, including journalists, chefs, artists and nutrition and health professionals, was involved in the activation actions.

Solutions to 2020 challenges guide the next steps

The movement's next steps include the search for solutions to a series of challenges that faced learning throughout 2020, classified into two axes: market access for Amazonian socio-biodiversity and structuring the movement.

In the first axis, the challenges are placed in the basic structuring of the Amazonian businesses, in the expansion and consolidation of the logistic and commercial infrastructure for market access, in the scaling of commercial logistic solutions to include more Amazonian businesses, in expanding the traceability of products and in boosting the bioeconomy of the standing forest.

In the movement's structuring axis, the proposals include the structuring of governance and the operational core, medium and long-term financing strategies, enabling the measurement of positive impact at the end, development of a membership plan, strengthening the commercial front and communication and marketing strategies, integration and automation of inventory and logistics databases.

The group that integrates the movement Amazon at home, Forest standing includes 16 Amazon brands - of which ten are part of the PPA Acceleration Program portfolio – and is a realization of Mercado Livre, Acceleration Program and Business of Impact of PPA, Idesam and Climate Ventures. It is co-organized by Amazônia Hub, Biobá and Instituto Auá, in partnership with Costa Brasil, Lothar Consultoria e Logística e Origens Brasil and institutional support from Fundo Vale, Instituto Clima e Sociedade, Climate and Land Use Alliance and Instituto Humanize.

To get to know the Movement, access the website.

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