Seringô launches sustainable Amazon sneakers

Inspired by the rubber tappers who still work in several extractive communities in the Amazon, surviving with difficulty, but at the same time caring for and keeping the forest from which they earn their living, Tênis Seringô arrives on the market.  

Large shoe brands have historically always used natural rubber in their production lines. However, little by little, this raw material was practically all replaced by petroleum-based materials, such as synthetic rubber, EVA and polyurethane.

Seringô, which only works with vegetable raw materials from the Amazon, has developed a shoe with more than 95% of them in its composition, rescuing a little of this past, while aiming at the need to conserve the forest and its biodiversity and also fight the climate emergency.

All components are vegetable. The sole and the insole are produced from natural and organic rubber, in a composition with vegetable fibers from the micronization of the açaí kernel. The upper is assembled from jute, an Amazonian fiber, or from jute dubbed with rubber. The shoelace is also a rubberized jute tape with organic latex and rubber tip. And the lining is made from organic cotton, dubbed with a natural organic latex foam.

A sustainable and biodegradable product, Tênis Seringô is produced by Coopereco (Cooperative for the Production of Eco-Extractivists in the Amazon), formed by rubber tappers and artisans who produce rubber in the state of Pará, especially in Marajó and in the region of Santarém.

The sneakers, available in two models, will be on sale soon at Bemglô, in São Paulo, and at Ver-o-pesinho, at Shopping Boulevard, in Belém. segingo.eco.br, with free shipping throughout Brazil.

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