Navegam projects growth for 2021

One of the biggest bottlenecks for business in the Amazon lies in logistics and the transport of people and goods. And it is precisely in solving this challenge that Navegam has been working, seeking to optimize river transport in the Amazon region, facilitating access to information on freight and passenger transport.

Founded in 2018, the startup develops a platform for managing data and various logistical information, such as number of people, prices, sales per branch, stocking controls, etc. The solution is focused on river transport in the Amazon, but it also has functionalities for road transport in the region. 

The initiative of startup consists of an internal module for vessels to manage information about ticket sales and an application to make sales, both on the vessel itself and at the agencies that offer these tickets. It currently serves 24 vessels with mixed transport of people and goods, a number that should increase in the short and medium term.

The public of interest includes the population of the Amazon regions that depend on river transport in their daily travel routine, companies that transport inputs and final products, travel agencies and boat owners. 

Navegam was accelerated by the Program in 2020. With the covid-19 pandemic imposing stoppages and social isolation, the startup, which started that year with a well-defined roadmap headed for the launch of new services, had to review priorities.

The ticket sales operation was paralyzed for almost five months and sales fell by almost 90%. On the other hand, the logistics operation had a growth of almost 2001TP1Q, which allowed the financial health of the business to continue operating.

The company intermediates about 45 freights a day, but during the pandemic that number reached 200. “It was a very difficult year for everyone, and our state suffered a lot during the pandemic. Many companies went bankrupt. And Navegam managed to stand up and even grew in this complex scenario”, assesses the company's CEO, Geferson Oliveira.

new breath 

In 2021, Navegam, which currently operates in the state of Amazonas, will expand its operations to Pará, Amapá and Rondônia. For this, they are hiring more professionals and expanding the company's team.

In addition to having recently received an investment of 425,000 reais, Navegam is negotiating with two impact funds. The total investment is expected to reach up to R$ 2 million.

Geferson believes that participating in the PPA Acceleration Program contributed a lot to the growth of the company and of the partners themselves, which enabled them to mature and be able to review investments by Brazilian and international funds.

“The Program team has helped Navegam a lot in all aspects, whether it's providing support in training, consulting, legal advice, in short. The most interesting thing was that the acceleration process was also a process of personal growth for all of us, as entrepreneurs. Today we have another vision of what an impact business in the Amazon is.”

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