Brands from the AMAZ portfolio are on Carrefour shelves

Photo: Carrefour Disclosure

Mazô Maná, Na'Kau, Manioca and Soul Brasil are among the brands that are part of the Floresta Faz Bem Program

Chocolates, tapioca granola, jellies, sauces and a supershake with Amazonian ingredients can be purchased on the shelves of the Floresta Faz Bem Program, the first exclusive initiative and in a national network to encourage the sale of products produced by or in partnership with indigenous peoples and traditional communities of the Amazon.

The Carrefour Brasil Group's initiative is in line with its commitment to leading the transition of food systems in the country and promoting socio-biodiversity products.

Two Carrefour hypermarket units in the city of São Paulo – Paseo Alto das Nações and Jardim Pamplona Shopping – already offer shelves with products. The next unit to implement the Floresta Faz Bem program will be in Brasília – Brasília Sul.

The products on sale, from 13 brands, including the four in the AMAZ portfolio, include organic chocolates, coffee, jams, cocoa, cake mixes and the Amazon Forest supershake.

From Na'kau - which works with organic cocoa from the Amazon floodplains, harvested by producers from riverside communities on the Madeira and Amazon rivers - the 72% organic chocolate shelf is made up of cocoa and combinations with Amazon nuts, Café Apuí Agroflorestal, Cupuaçu and Pimenta Baniwa.

Manioca's tapioca granola contains, in addition to flaked tapioca, chestnuts, cocoa nibs, cupuaçu and cumaru, ingredients grown by traditional people and communities.

Soul Brasil sauces and jellies – organic and with the Origens Brasil seal ® – combine Amazonian ingredients for unique flavors, such as Assîssî pepper sauces (cultivated by Waiwai indigenous women) and Jiquitaia pepper (cultivated by Baniwa indigenous women), as well as mango with cumaru, banana with Amazonian cocoa and mango with Asîsî pepper.

And from Mazô Maná comes the Supershake da Floresta, a complete powdered meal made up of 14 ingredients from the forest, including açaí, babassu, chestnuts, mushrooms, cumaru and cumari pepper. The ingredients come from crops grown by indigenous peoples and family farmers, and the product has the Origens Brasil seal ®

“It's really cool to see companies whose purpose is to conserve or restore forests and generate income for communities in the Amazon, managing to position their products in large retail chains like Carrefour. This reinforces the commitment of these companies to help build the solutions that the Amazon needs, as well as providing an opportunity for people to contribute to the conservation of the forest by purchasing quality products in all regions of Brazil. Congratulations to Carrefour for the Program”, analyzes Mariano Cenamo, director of new business at Idesam and CEO of AMAZ. The list of all producers and more information can be accessed on the program website: https://www.grupocarrefourbrasil.com.br/florestafazbem/

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